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You Don’t Have To Be Thin, To Be Beautiful


Over the weekend, I was on Instagram, checking out posts I have missed throughout the week. I saw a post that kind of made me feel sick. The post read: “We All Love to Hear the Three Most Beautiful Words in the English Dictionary, You Look Thin”. If you ask me, I have never wanted to hear those words. I want to hear things like “You look fabulous”, “You look Healthy”, I don’t want to hear I look thin, I can be thin and also be unhealthy.

Anorexics look thin, and they are unhealthy. If you feel you have to look thin, then you are body shaming yourself.

Over the years, the world’s perception of female beauty was said to be Cleopatra. She was described as “Slim and nubile, with cunning hips and the mere hint of a belly. Her charms were of a jewel-like nature; there was nothing large and dowdy about her. All men desired her because all men believed she had conquered the nature of the human body and made it bend to her will, and her will alone. Her beauty was of such a diaphanous nature as to make it seem the slightest desert breeze would blow her away, past the Pyramids and into the Nile. Thus all men wished to hold her and protect her.”

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It’s funny how today’s women are still struggling to look like Cleopatra. They cook up crazy diets; exercise like nothing else just because they feel the “fat chat,” is a pox on female existence.

Since Cleopatra’s time, women have been slaves, more or less, to the image of perfect beauty in face and in form. Women today have paid a terrible price for this, in the form of mental depression and desperation, as well as physical torture from plastic surgeries. Pills, potions, and starvation are still so common among women seeking physical perfection.

The truth is, there can never be another Cleopatra. You can only define beauty by yourself. Women need to end the insanity and begin restoring the image of their body as beautiful.

If you have an issue with your body, you need to step back and ask yourself why you hate your body. You need to learn to love your body because you can get a kidney transplant but I have never heard of anything like a body transplant. I am in love with myself; I have always been a big girl. I try to be active for at least 20 minutes every day. I try to eat healthily, and I take care of myself. I won’t kill myself because I don’t look like a supermodel.

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Well, it’s not in my genes to look skinny. And I know what I am saying because the last time I tried it just because I had not learned to love myself, everyone said I looked ill. I was slim, yet, I looked ill.

Your time is better spent doing something other than worrying about your figureLike spending time with your significant other, finally crossing another book off your reading list, or finally clearing out your closet.

If you happen to love and appreciate food like me, you’ll realise food is too delicious and meant to be eaten. I believe as long as you’re healthy, that’s all that matters. Exercise, eat well, and you’re good to go.

Looks are impermanent anyway. Do you want to go through life always wishing you looked different? Or would you rather eagerly await the joys every age has in store for you? You also need to realise there is no such thing as a perfect body, Chasing a “perfect” figure is just foolish.

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You are a woman who has had so many accomplishments, and will still have much more, why are you so bothered about looking like a celebrity? It’s just foolish you need to realise you are beautiful the way you are.

Thinness doesn’t guarantee happiness. What makes you think that a thin person’s life lacks the challenges and adversities that you have faced and successfully overcome? Or that skinny people are automatically treated better than others? It guarantees neither happiness nor unhappiness, riches nor poverty, happiness nor misery.

Your body is not who you are. Feelings, thoughts, and relationships all go into forming who you really are — not your abs or bust size. To feel good about yourself is not to lie to yourself, but to take a self-inventory and honestly examine the good that you’ve done to yourself and to others.

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