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Writer or Blogger


What is the difference between an Orange and a Tangerine? A few years ago I didn’t know and just didn’t care. If I see orange in the market I buy and if it’s tangerine, same, they were both citrus fruits and that is all that mattered. But there is a difference between both citrus fruits, the taste, the skin, and some other things. They may both be citrus fruits but they are different. So how does this apply, to this article, just be a bit patient and you’ll see.

I have always been a writer. I have been a writer since I knew how to construct a sentence and for some reason, I loved to write. A lot of my friends knew my passion for this and asked me to write articles for them either for a blog, assignments or a speech and I found it fascinating that I was asked to do it. But the truth is I wasn’t making money from it and I didn’t even see myself making money from it only if I had plans to be the next Chimamanda Adichie. Last year July, a friend of mine invited me for an interview for a job as a blogger. How hard could it be? I thought to myself. Truth be told there was nothing hard about it till I realised there is a bigger picture when it comes to blogging.

It is easy to read a blog and wonder, who writes this stuff? Bloggers can’t be real writers, you think, because they tend to churn out short, pithy articles that attempt to solve problems rather than analyse them.

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I have been writing full time for a year now, and this article is to share with you what I have learnt in the last year about the difference between being a blogger and a writer.

Disclaimer: It is not a professional article as I myself I am still learning and hopefully getting better.

1. Everyone has a blog

Well, not everyone has a blog but a lot of people do and as this is not new news, but I realised it during the past year. A lot of people want to have a blog and probably make money and “blow” like Linda Ikeji, but it never is like that. A lot of time, energy and money go into making a blog a success.

2. Too many bloggers very few writers

As there are so many blogs, we have, if not twice as many bloggers. A number of this supposed bloggers don’t know how to write and have turned their blogs to their personal journals neglecting the fact that people will actually read it.

3. Blogging or content writing

I really didn’t know anything about content writing before I started work, but I have come to realise there is a difference between both. Well, some won’t call it a major difference but I will. Bloggers casually write, adding links, pictures, and videos as they create content. Bloggers can also be called content writers but only a few bloggers understand what content writing is all about.

4. Good writing doesn’t always sell

I have come to realise that good writing doesn’t always sell in the online world. You can write a good article and have maybe just 10 people read it and that is just it, no likes, no shares and no comments. This can be really heartbreaking especially when you pour out your heart in the content. You have to be SEO conscious if you want clicks.

5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Yes, SEO, without the right keyword, the right amount of keywords and some other technical things, your article won’t rank and that is bad business.

6. Content is key

Yep, content is key, pushing the right content at the right time is essential to growing your brand. Dishing out content on a regular can seem tasking(it is actually tasking), but it is essential to get people to remember your brand and also keep talking about it.

7. Write, don’t Blog

Has fun has blogging might be, bloggers should learn to write, as that is essential. If you just casually write stuff on your blog and it is not informative enough, you probably won’t get more clicks when you have good content. Writers write.Writers do their research, open up a blank document, have their notes handy, block out the world, and then focus on the words and only the words.Writers don’t edit as they go. To bloggers, the words seem important, but they are just part of the show. Don’t be a blogger, be a writer.

8. Pay day

Don’t expect to make major money, well not at first, but it does get better. Just continue working and you’ll see that it does get better.

I hope you’ve been able to learn a bit from what I have learnt so far when it comes to being a writer in the world of blogging.

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