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What’s that special clothing item you own that you can’t wear every day but wish you could?


This is Africa, where you have to buy clothes you do not need to please people that don’t love you. So we buy a lot of asoebi’s and clothes we do not need to please people that do not love us. In Africa or Nigeria precisely, we love to impress. We buy very expensive wedding outfits and we can’t wear it after the wedding day.

Most times, we crave to buy very expensive clothing items, for a special event, our birthday, to celebrate with friends or just for that special outing. There’s just that beautiful dress that keeps lying all year round in your wardrobe and you are angry about it. Imagine you spent a lot on a dinner dress, asoebi, or even your wedding dress, but it is now totally useless. What exactly can you do with it? Let me share some experiences with you below:

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I was dead set on having an elegant pink dress. I loved pink flowing dresses and felt special because so many people can’t wear the colour, but it looks so good on me.

Now, I wish I had gotten something more easy to wear. My final year dinner was in 2014 and I have had absolutely zero opportunity to wear the dress again. My best friend picked up a dress for 10,000 NGN at Idumota market and she has been able to wear it to weddings and other formal occasions since then. I will probably regret this for a long time. I went to a lot of boutiques in a lower income area that are less expensive. I just felt I couldn’t get what I wanted. If I had been more flexible in my choices, I might have found something much cheaper that I could have used more than once. My lovely dress is an exquisite item that I don’t need that is in my wardrobe.

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For Bunmi, it was her traditional wedding outfit. Her husband spent over 180,000 NGN to buy complete Aso-Oke for the both of them. One year later, they do not need the outfit. She wants to sell it for as low as 70 thousand Naira. But she could not even get a buyer for it.

After talking to a number of people and doing some research, I discovered that there are a lot of clothing items that we have that we do not really need. Or there may not be a second chance to wear it because we can’t just wear it. Why not dispose of it. SELL IT. Somebody out there may need it. So dig deep into your wardrobe and bring that old classy item out. Tell someone about it on this platform.

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You can share it in the comment section. Perhaps you will get somebody that really needs it at a lower cost on this platform. Let’s all join this beautiful train. come on, write it out in the comment section. Who knows, your buyer might be here. If you don’t have anything to sell, think of getting your dream fashion item at the lowest price you can imagine here.


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