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What to be Grateful for this Year


Today was the end of year thanksgiving in church, I have so much to be grateful for. Lemme give you a breakdown.
Am alive and well,
Am not homeless or living on the streets,
I haven’t been to any family burial this year,
My elder sister got married,
God saved my family from having to organize burials twice,
I left my house almost every day but I never came home in bandages or in a box,
I out on weight while people were hungry,
I birthed several life to change ideas,
I wore clothes, I didn’t go naked,
I found purpose,
I didn’t change my job as I expected,
My relationship with my dad improved,
I met someone has wonderful as Ada Anaekwe,
My House didn’t collapse on me, ask those who had to go through that how they felt,
I broke new grounds,
I wasn’t duped,
Am ending the year in grand style.
I know you were just about to remind me that
It wasn’t that fantastic for me financially because I have never been as broke as I was in 2016 in my life,
I lost my very good friend,
There were times when I was very hungry and had nothing to eat,
I couldn’t sleep because I couldn’t imagine that the year ended without the sound of my wedding bells,
I didn’t give my parents a substantial gift this year because of my financial crisis,
I made wrong investments,
My business collapsed,
I didn’t join the young entrepreneurs club as I thought I would,
I was bold enough to express my feelings, but it was looked down on,
Plenty bizarre things happened to me and around me.
Despite all these, I am so grateful. Who knew that I could go through all these and still come out strong?
Challenges come to make me stronger. 2016 was not as fantastic as I had hoped it would be, but am still standing. That’s all that matters.
Use the comment box bellow, tell us what you are grateful for.

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