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Top 5 Destinations for Nigerians This Vacation


Top 5 Destinations for Nigerians This Summer – A well-organised tourist and travel experience presents an adventure that is similar to the proverbial cherry that injects flavour and sprinkles a touch of the magical to your summer holiday vacation. It is in these very magical moments of adventure that we truly come alive, and have some of the most pleasant memories of ourselves and our loved ones. Lin Yutang who was one of the most influential Chinese writers of the early nineties once implied that ‘no one realises how beautiful it is to travel until he comes home and rests his head on his old familiar pillow’. So wipe the dust off those suitcases of yours and prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime as we awaken the adventurer in you. From the captivating landscapes of Hawaii to the poetic city of Venice, Vergehub is primed to take you closer to some of your greatest tourist and travel fantasies.

But first, we’ll give you a head start as we profile the top 5 cities to visit this summer.

Top 5 Cities to Visit This Summer

1. Venice


Priceless art, historical heritage and spectacular scenery, you name it, Venice has it all. This ancient city founded on more than 100 small Islands that are separated by canals never ceases to amaze the natural mind. To most Nigerians, Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice is a piece of the city; but apart from the acts of Shylock, Venice herself is an alluring city located in the northern Italy Veneto region. The grandeur of Venice has a way of seducing even the most ardent pessimist into believing virtually anything is possible.

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There is no dull moment in her top tourist destinations like the Grand Canal, Saint Mark’s Basilica and Piazza San Marco. In Venice, you can take the Gondola ride; crush on Venetian gothic images; experience the Venetian culture; visit the masters of art; enjoy a tasty gelato; take pictures of the grand canal and experience the uninhibited Mazzorbo Island via kayaks. Truman Capote, an American novelist, described Venice like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go. Welcome to Venice, Italy!

2. Bangkok


Bangkok is a huge and modern city with a bubbling nightlife and fervour, located in Thailand. This majestic city characterised by luxury hotels, ancient buildings, spectacular palaces, frenzied markets and dazzling temples is one of the most recognised cities in Southeast Asia.

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You can catch up with the city’s most rewarding experience by visiting Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Arun Temple or the floating market of Damnoen Saduak. The traditional Thai massage at Wat Pho will also relax your nerves.

3. Paris



The city of love and romance as it is called, Paris is a city of earthly bliss. Known for a large influx of tourists’ in Europe, the city of Paris is home to some of the world’s most famous museums, a vibrant history centre, beautiful rivers, a range of historical monuments, chapels, and churches. Her magical ambience and elegant beauty do not cease to seduce tourists; a visit to Paris is not just an option, it is an emotion. Paris derives her aesthetics from her buildings and culture. Paris cuisines relish not just the body but the soul as well. Top tourist attractions here are; Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Disneyland, Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Paris, and Musee d’Orsay among others. The best time to visit the city is this summer.

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4. Kigali


Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda is arguably the cleanest and safest city in Africa. Home to lush hillsides, ridges, and valleys; Kigali is one of the best places to visit in Africa. For Nigerians, A trip to this beautiful city is the easiest nut to chew this summer. The gorgeous city boasts of skyscrapers and international hotels. The major fun activities here are hiking, fishing, horse riding and mountain climbing; don’t forget to eat as much food as possible. Kigali is nothing less than wonderful. Wow! Kigali tickets are very affordable for Nigerians.

5. Hawaii


Hawaii is a fun lover’s paradise is bound to thrill tourists with its pristine paradise’s beauty, culture and aloha. charmed with an island-style mix of majestic experiences, pan-Asian cuisine, ethereal landscapes and exhilarating nightlife scene, Hawaii is just too tempting to pass up. Attractions of this breath-taking destination include Polynesian Cultural Center, Hana Road, Maui Ocean Center and Mauna Kea.


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