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Top 10 Healthy Food and Drinks Spots in Lekki, Lagos


Top 10 Healthy Food and Drinks Spots in Lekki, Lagos – Lekki is almost the fitness/healthy hub because apart from the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge you’ll notice more healthy spots opening up more than any other part of Lagos. Here is why you should be excited because in today’s post we will highlight Top 10 Healthy Food and Drinks Spots in Lekki, Lagos. We will also be doing a follow-up post about healthy vendors around, especially those who do meals and deliver.

Here are Top 10 Healthy Food and Drinks Spots in Lekki, Lagos

Green Grill House


Green grill house is popular for their salads before they opened up an outlet in Lekki. They have salads (Build your salad), smoothies, proper meals, drinks and practically anything healthy you can eat. We like that they have meal options such as couscous, grilled fish, brown pasta, sweet potato porridge, moi moi and others for people. They also have breakfast options. They make eating healthy exciting.

Majik Juice


The most colourful of them all :). Majik juice is relatively new and they have salads, wraps and smoothies. They recently started making healthy noodles which is interesting. You can build your own salad and get your smoothie mix as they have rare ingredients. They open early which is great!

Natures Toast Cafe

Hidden and old, it has been around for a bit. Natures Toast is located at the 4th round-about selling smoothies, juices and wraps. We’ve tried their wrap and smoothie options in the past. They are affordable and are open till late.

Wrap City


Wrap city is very new. You can tell from their name that the spot is for all healthy wraps. They also make salads, smoothies, natural lemonade, ice tea and more. Basically, giving you healthy variety, their wraps are really nice and they make sure they don’t keep you waiting because it is a takeout spot with a small stall.

Eat Green Cafe


Another new spot for healthy eating and drinking, we consider this spot the fine dining of eating healthy because of the setting and their meal options. They have healthy options even in African dishes they are a bit pricey compared to other spots but you will definitely love the ambience. They have healthy food and drinks in a good spot in Lekki

Beetroot Cafe


Also, a new spot located at the Palms shopping mall in Lekki offers quick healthy food options such as salads, wraps, smoothies and other meals. They seem to have interesting options using rich ingredients. Definitely a go to for healthy eating in Lekki

Eat Clean Cafe


Also, a new spot that opened up 2 weeks ago offering healthy meal options in a very different way. The ambience is also similar to that of a proper restaurant. They are said to have really nice meals but more healthy than regular restaurants.

Nature’s Way

Probably the oldest of them all has been around since 2012 to promote healthy eating and wellness. The restaurant cafe has freshly made meal options to eat in or take out. They are also creative with their menu and they make sure they don’t sell fizzy drinks everything is natural and healthy.

Diet Munchers


A Takeout spot turned restaurant offering healthy meals, especially for lunch with daily meal planner. It is like a fast food for healthy eating. They offer meals like plantain porridge, stir fry pasta, couscous, salads and other. They are very creative hence the nice variety. They also do parfaits and fruit cups which are affordable.

Vanco Juices


The only spot on the list that sells only healthy and fresh drinks. Vanco juices sell fresh juices and smoothies only and they do delivery. It is more like a take-out spot so you can stop by and pick up. Their juices are also affordable.


Wondering why road chef is on this list? Road Chef has really nice healthy salad options and wraps as well. They have healthy drinks (Smoothies) and they have the perfect healthy breakfast (Parfait). Roadchef is open 24hours in Lekki so if you are craving something healthy late at night you can be sure to get something healthy at Roadchef.

Tell us your favourite healthy food & drinks spot in Lekki, Also share your experience below if you have visited any of these places.

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