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This Is Why You Should Tear Down Your Walls and Just Be Human


Vulnerability is the principal beauty of humanity.Sometimes, we assume that being human is all about showing off and exhibiting material possessions.

Well, that to me is merely a surface value. Humanity is frailty. Unlike shelved products which have expiry dates, we have no expiry dates; yet we are here today and gone tomorrow. We build walls as thick as the legendary walls of Troy and keep people who should be a vital part of our support system out because we want to self-protect.  Truth is i don’t blame you for building your walls, I have some walls too and i’m working very hard  and succeeding at tearing them down.

A major factor we never consider is when you shut the gates, you keep everyone outside including the helper you desperately need.

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Please, tear down your walls and let people in or better, help others break down their walls and let your self in.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Some years ago, I met this lady through a friend. She was so hostile, rude and unpleasant. On one occasion, our mutual friend had asked me to collect

something from her and her reaction to me was terrible (for lack of a better word to actually express what happened that day).

Overtime, I began to avoid her, after all she was just an acquaintance. It’s not like we were joined to the hip even though we had other mutual friends.

After a long time our mutual friend traveled out of the country and we had no other choice than bond after all, who doesn’t need someone to lean on?

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It took her some time to trust me enough to undress herself with me.

I flinched when I saw the scars, the not so healed scars, the healing wounds, the fresh and not so fresh wounds, the sprains, and the trails of recovery.

This lady had been through a lot and was still going through a whole lot.

I understood why she was secluded, why she was afraid, why she had these walls of Jericho, why she was unhappy that I was sharing our friend’s

attention with her. She just didn’t want anyone to know about the indelible treasures she had amassed through difficult experiences.

There are lots of individuals around you like this lady. They build walls as fortified as the walls of Troy around themselves, in a bid to self-protect. They

are too ashamed to let you see the scars they wield. Most times you assume that they are “forming” and you let them be when you should press in till

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you are able to help.

Other times, you are the culprit, shutting others out, hiding in your skin, with absolutely no one to talk to even though you are surrounded with human


Whatever category you fit in, PLEASE don’t be a stereotype.


Reach out,

Give people the benefit of the doubt,

Tear down your walls and be human.

Chances are the next person is also trying to do all that.

Meanwhile, look before you leap, you don’t want to be on the agenda at the next village meeting.

What ever happens, enjoy your humanity its a rare privilege.

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