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The Water Project – It Begins With You


In a demonstration of corporate social responsibility, three young passionate Nigerians, David Obisesan, Fiberesima Dennisada and Paul Alasiri, have launched “The Water Project” to build and donate boreholes to local communities in want of portable drinking water in Nigeria. The aim of this project is to boost a supply of portable water for Nigerians, through the adequate participation of all Nigerians.

The boreholes will be officially handed over to the residents by the initiator and his partners. The intended boreholes will be capable of delivering 30, 000 litres of water per day to designated areas.

The initiator of the project, Mr.David Obisesan explained he conceived the idea due to the realisation of the enormous challenges confronting most Nigerians which he was opportune to experience. He, however, called for prospective investors to view the project as a way of investing into humanity and improving the standards of life.

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To enable every Nigerian to participate in this, David and Paul revealed their strategies on how everyone can be involved in the project.

He said – “Everyone can impact someone’s life in their own little way. I am delighted to kick start this project with the support of Nigerians. To fund this project, a Go Fund Me Account has been opened. The account is flexible because a coke addict will be expected to donate 100 NGN into the Go Fund Me Account since that is the cost of a bottle of Coke. For those who prefer Hennessy, a bottle of Hennessy is about 20,000. They are advised to donate the money that would have been used to buy a bottle of Hennessy to the water project. The total amount will be donated to the go fund me account to create boreholes in Ibadan.

Fiberesima Dennisada, one of David’s partners said:

“I was moved to support this project due to my experience of water scarcity growing up. I decided to impact the community where I grew up, which led to the provision of the borehole projects in the area,”

Paul Alasiri also added that

“2.5 KVA generators will also be provided for the community to pump the water whenever the power is not available. In all, the water project promises to be a success, but Nigerians and government parastatals should contribute to this to make it a good success.

In his closing remarks, David states that corporate partnership (both local and international) is welcomed.

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