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The Most Effective Method to Contact Uber Lagos Customer Care: Phone Number and Office Address


How to contact Uber Lagos, Nigeria. This article also contains Uber phone number and office address located in Lagos state.

Uber ride in Nigeria was built up essentially to settle the requirement for occupants in Lagos to get a dependable and agreeable ride at whatever point and wherever by means of a cell phone application (Uber application) that associates riders with drivers in the range.

The simple to utilize Uber App reaches any of the Uber drivers in Lagos. Would you like to be a Uber accomplice or have any inquiry regarding Uber ride that you don’t see, at that point, you might need to contact the Uber Lagos client mind benefit or even visit their head office for a booking arrangement.

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Contact Uber Lagos

To contact Uber Nigeria at their head office in Lagos, visit The iLx Center (Venia): Plot 8, second Floor, Providence Street (Samsung Building), Lekki, Phase 1.

Uber Email Address


Inquiry/Visiting Sessions

Greenlight sessions: Office Hours from Monday to Friday is 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Book An Appointment)

Onboarding session: Office Hours from Monday to Thursday is 2:30 pm (Book A Session)

Uber official site is:


  1. Your drivers initially were quite courteous and punctual but now they accept rides even when they are on a trip. Several times this action has delayed my trips and now I booked a ride to the airport and the driver Olatunji Honda Civic AGL 294 EP was 7 mins away in Ikoyi and as I watched he kept moving towards Lekki increasing my wait time up to 29 minutes. If I cancel the trip I get charged. Look into this!!!

    • Am seriously angry and i bet it i will take this matter up. I called a uber driver yestday, from ikeja G.R.A to isolo i was actually charged total of 1,500 or so not for the driver to tell me that i have an outstanding that am to pay 3,000 imagine. i disagreed with him, but becos i was in a haste my sister paid for it. Honestly this is really cheating. please look into this.becos i will collect m money back from the driver

        • Sorry I was debited from Uber App last night and didn’t make any transaction with them or book anything with uber and I was debited 12,250 naira on my account last night so I need there customer care number to call them and make complain

  2. pls I need the information on how uber works. how much does uber pays me per week or month if my car qualifies. uber customers care line would be ideal so as to ask questions that’s not clear to me. my number is 08085418409

  3. Hi,

    My boss (undisclosed due to his personality) informed me this morning that Uber has been debiting him (debit sms available) via his card for no trip requested or carried-out.

    I have been asked to take this up through the company’s lawyer.

    This is totally unacceptable and fraudulent. I just hope this is resolved in good time as I am ready to take this also through social media for publication if unresolved immediately.


    • Pls similar thing is happening to me as well ,last night I got a debit alert of 12,250 naira on my account and I didn’t use uber or requested for any trips or carried out any transaction with them so pls any help you can render will be highly accptable thanks here’s my phone 08026851422

  4. I just waited 20 min for an uber driver only for Taxify customers to get into the car before me. The driver was using 2 apps and did not switch off uber. He did not cancel it as he drove away and expected me to do so. He expects me to cancel and give him 1k. Its not right … The driver is Adele Toyota Corolla LSD454EA

  5. I do not see a phone number. It is may not be possible for one to go to Lekki. If a phone number through which they can be reached can be provided it will be greatly appreciated.

  6. In my opinion based on my experience today, Uber’s customer experience/ feedback mechanism is trash when it comes to complaints.

    I booked a ride at about 7.30am and ETA was about 8mins. After about 30-40 mins of waiting, I finally gave up on them & ETA remained at 8mins for over 1 hour with no single call from the driver. 3 hours later, after seeking alternate means & missing my appointment, I get 2 separate calls from 2 different drivers saying they got my ride booking.

    The annoying/ frustrating part is, other than cancelling and getting booked, Uber seems to deliberate create no avenues for handling such complaints or means of reaching them on phone. I’ve scoured their website and there’s no such numbers to call.

    Very annoying indeed.

  7. My experience today was really bad i ordered for an uber driver to pick me up at gbagada i waited for him to call after i have called him severally, after 5min he called and said he was on a trip to lekki, my complaim is that when he knew he was not going to be able to make the trip he should have called immediately to let me know so i can cancel the trip because as at the time i cancelled the trip i was already charged 1000 naira, the i called him to make the complaim he shouted at me and ended the call on me, which make the driver very irresponsible , unreliable and very stupid, i dont known his name but i have his number and action should be taken on that because he is very rude
    Here is his number: 07014145245
    Thank you

  8. I have never had a ride with uber, yet I was debited 44,000 naira by them
    Pls how do I go about getting my money backback
    How do I get my money back cos the bank does not want to take any blame. I can be reached on 08189706279

      • I visited that office one time and found they’re not there anymore. I was directed to Maryland mall where their office is at the top floor.

  9. I see complains about late drivers and so much time it takes to get a ride. Why not try smart cab Nigeria? It pays to have multiple options. Smart cab is awesome and offers free Wi-Fi in transit.

    • This uber has no contact number.shity. they charges they placed on my I don’t know what that is for.i called an uber driver they sent me an uber driver who was still on a journey of 56min and I said I can’t wait that long so the river said cancle the trip please what trip??so I want on and saw a 400 naira charge so I when out of I can’t use the app until I pay.hummmmmm

  10. Pls how true it is that your office had been moved to maryland mall because I was actually told to cometo your office and the person game me maryland onigbongbo getting there it was another thing though the person wasn’t actually about the address now that I got this means to reach you I cld see you directing people to lekki advising pple ignore wrong info pls clarify if your office is in maryland mall my number is 08063581873

  11. pls dear how do i register my lexus 300 with uber
    kindly reply me
    meanwhile i am in abuja and how do i do it my sister

    pls kindly reply via my mail dear

  12. I had an uber ride a while ago and paid cash, but the charge still remains on the app and I was unable to use the app till I paid. How can this happen? Any advice?

  13. GOOD morning, please I need a direct customer care line number. I took Uber from surulere to ikorudu and I forgot my charger inside the car, and since then, I have been calling the Uber Driver and he has been posting me

  14. Uber and GTbank are both scams how come was i debited 72,000 for uber where am I travelling to. This is total rip off, my card has been manipulated. please I need to contact uber asap kindly investigate and release my money for me I didnt use any uber. That is all my savings wiped out fully

  15. Please I wnt to your office at lekki and I was told that uber have move to ikeja mall. Please how true is this information because I need to come and make some enquires from your office. Please can I get d address where d office I located in Lagos.

  16. Good evening, I was debited close to 55,000 earlier today which I make any transaction or booking with uber. I need that money to be reversed ASAP. How do I contact uber customer service

  17. I was debited 42,00 around 7:48 and another 11,000 at about 12:34 which I didn’t make any transaction or booking with uber. I need that money to be reversed ASAP. How do I contact uber customer service. I need my money back

  18. Please i want to register my car Toyota Camry with uber and I have signup what is the next step and line of action please. I live in Lagos. My number is 08065660883.

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