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The Journey To Forever


Kunle’s been leaving hints all over the place without actually talking to me.

I know exactly where he is going to, but i don’t think we are there yet. We haven’t really had those necessary conversations.

Last night he came to see me before heading home from work  and just asked me,

“If i give you a ring now,will you collect it?”

I ignored the question and changed the topic, i know he was hurt but, who am i kidding ?

Who Ring epp?

There’s a lot to think off

Have you considered the fact that i am a writer, this means that at least a quarter of our lives will be out there and everyone and anyone can have access to it? Are you okay with that?

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I have my own plans,for instance;i  want to start my foundation where i can help people who are dealing with hard blows they’ve received from life; people who are grieving,who are depressed,who are bitter because they have been unable to forgive. What about my plans for people who have been hurt beyond the capacity of the human mind?

I would love to start a scholarship foundation, one of my life’s goal is to  support the needy.

How do i and all my plans fit in to yours?

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What’s your take on house helps? would you prefer a live in help or a nanny who is around for 12 hours?

what kind of family would you like us to have?

Do you appreciate all children irrespective of their gender or you have a special preference?

Do you think you can handle a joint account with me based on all the plans i have?

I come from a large family,do you think you can handle that they always come around to visit?

Whats your take on Omugo?

What about his dreams and plans?

is he willing to let go of certain ideologies?

Am i willing too?

These are questions you need to discuss before you go in to marriage.

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Don’t Spend your days,dreaming about how big and “fairy-tale like” you want your wedding to be. The Ceremony lasts for a day, Marriage is  a lifetime affair.

I am not a die hard romantic, Maybe that’s why i am not interested in  an engagement ring or the grandeur of  a fairy-tale wedding.

I believe we need to rearrange our priorities.

Before he left,I told him we needed to talk. I am hoping that we get to talk about all these before we move on.

The journey of  Forever requires more than just good looks.


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