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Table of Preference


He didn’t even know what had happened to him, all he could remember was the 10 million naira cheque he had just collected from the senator.

What just happened he asked himself over and over again? Why can’t I touch my phone? Why is everybody shouting at the top of their voices? What’s going on? Can someone please explain to me?

You have just arrived at eternity a being clothed with indescribable glory told him. You just lost your life. How? You were knocked down by the car and you died on the spot. It can be, this can’t be! He screamed, I have so many dreams; I am a young graduate with so many ambitions; one of them is about to come true. With the 10 million given to me by Senator Afam I can start up my It can’t be all over. No!

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I wish I could say otherwise the old man said to him, but you have closed that chapter and you are about to begin another and this is what this phase we are interested in what the impact you created while on earth, that will determine your home for the rest of eternity. So you tell me…

He had his chance and he lost it, you still have your chance. Your actions determine eternity. Actions like your faith, impact, relationship with God and with the an. Everything has been summarized and divided into two. Love the Lord your God and love your neighbor as your own self (Mathew22:37-40).To God that’s what’s important, not your job, marriage, affluence etc.

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Don’t get me wrong am not against all that it’s good to live a life of affluence but when the chips are down what’s your joker card? What shall it profit a man to have all these and still die the second death?

How have you been living your life?

What’s first on your Preference list?

What really matters to you?

Does your heart break for what breaks Gods heart?

Is God really your father?

Are you just in church to make up the numbers or as the man after his heart?

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What if it’s time for roll call, where will u show up? Draw up your table of preference; make your time on earth count.

Make your life count!

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