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Starting an E-commerce for Your Fashion Business


If you’ve ever thought about starting an eCommerce store for your Fashion business this article has the essentials tools to help you achieve that. Times have changed and the new trend indicates that more Nigerian business are gradually shifting their businesses online and customers are starting to buy online as an alternative to buying locally.

E-commerce outlets have been the major source of online purchases as items bought are either paid for online or paid on delivery at the buyer’s doorstep.

Has E-Commerce helped Fashion Businesses?

There are evident flaws in the Nigerian fashion industry which have resulted in many consumers not accepting some of the home-grown fashion brands as genuine and would rather shop abroad. With businesses now incorporating eCommerce in their business processes, it has helped Fashion businesses operate better.

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A Nigerian fashion brand running a particular clothing line can now sell to a large base of the online customer simply by setting up an Online store and promoting it to customers.

Market chains, as well as Distribution channels, are also formed as a result of these processes because Fashion brands that can sufficiently produce all their wares themselves outsource these jobs to 3rd party manufacturers.

Setting up an eCommerce store is easy, however, it requires dedication and understanding of the platform being used.

Requirements for setting up an eCommerce store include:

1. A Functional Website:

This is the most important of all requirements. Having a functional website, great domain name hosted on a very reliable server is critical to developing an online store. Large bandwidth usually above 30GB is also very important to set up an online store. Optimizing the website to perform effectively on mobile devices is also important as most users would access your website from a mobile device.

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2. An E-commerce client or Platform:

An e-commerce client or platform allows you to create your own shop on their already existing platform instead of building your scratch. It is quite easy to create instead of building yours from the scratch, examples of these platforms include Woocommerce by WordPress, Open cart, Shopify e.t.c

3. A Payment Gateway:

An eCommerce payment gateway is a service that authorizes card payment and processes them securely with a user merchant account. Payment gateway and merchant account might be set up in one process or offered by the same company. Always use secure and easy to set up payment systems. Popular payment gateway platforms include PayStack, Simplepay, Voguepay etc

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4. Shipping:

If your Online store is new, you should pay attention to your shipping options because it might determine if a customer proceeds to buy or abandon your website for another making you’re your bounce rate high but with little conversions and sales. Sales and conversions are what makes a business grow.

Setting up Pick-Up centres might also work out in reducing cost because the customer picks up his package at the centre and you don’t have to deliver it to his doorstep.

These are just the essentials required to set up a simple E-commerce shop.


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