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Education is a global phenomenon. The growth in education connotes a positive development in the general lifestyle of the people in every community. Yet, this sector that is a solution to the problem of humanity only exists in shadows. It is saddled with a lot of shortcomings. Some of which are Inadequacies on the part of school authorities, teachers, students and parents. Of them all, one of the most crucial is record keeping. There are many other problems of education in Nigeria.

In a bid to solve these inadequacies, GEEGOG Limited created Skoolkive. Skoolkive is an online platform that eases the administrative stress of teaching and managing a school. It is a must have for every developing or developed school. With Skoolkive, every school owner can only worry less about keeping attendance, having an accurate record of assignments, and test and keeping tracks of the overall development of every student.

Skoolkive is built to keep adequate records of assignments, class attendance, test and exam scores as well as general class activities. The platform aims to connect school activities with the students’ general well-being and development at home. The amazing thing about this application is that even the parents are not left out. Parents can check out the overall performance of their children. The platform gives room for result comparison, thus parent can aid the process of improvement in their children.

For school owners, there is a general analytics of the records and accounts of the school. The number of classes, payment records, and general income and expenses. Keeping school accounts has never been this simplified. Biometrics for students is usually recorded on the Application. Parents can also get attendance statistics and the frequency of class attendance of their wards. The school authorities can send messages to parents on the platform about the performance of their wards.

The teacher to students relationship will become so transparent due to the effectiveness of this platform. This is one of the best things that have happened in the Nigerian educational sector this year. We should all embrace and celebrate it.

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