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Should Police and Soldiers Get Free Ride in Lagos?


I am sure a lot of people have this question, but they do not know who to ask. If that is the case, then we are in the same shoes. Most times, I wonder why I have to pay for a bus out of the stipend that I earn and a uniformed man will enter the boss for free, claiming “staff”, me nko?

I feel that this is injustice and no one complains about it. I wonder why this group of people meant to protect Nigerians have turned out to be a terror. Even at the NYSC orientation camp, I could not stand the loud voices of the soldiers, especially when I wanted to go to Maami Market during lectures, the voice “go back” echoes in my ears like a thunder. They are doing their job. Yes. I am wrong to believe that they are a brutal group of people. No, they are not.

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But what about this scenario that happened at Ikeja. I experienced it live. It was like a movie. I was going home from work one Tuesday evening when I saw a woman insulting a soldier. I cried for her in my mind, I didn’t want to hear the story. I imagined everything that will happen to her in my mind. I didn’t know why I was so sympathetic even without seeing the result of having an idea of what led to the incidence.

The soldier did not hesitate to collect her bag, pour all her things on the floor, and throw the bag to the other side of the road. That is just a tip of the iceberg. After that, he brought out a knife from his pocket and he threatened to stab her, raising the knife over her head in an attempt to stab her to death. My heart beat could not be controlled. I thought he was going to stab her indeed. I didn’t know why I was waiting to watch this dreadful scene but I waited.

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In few seconds, the knife was taken away. That was just a near real threat. I felt for the woman. The scene lasted for about five minutes. At first, I thought the woman was troublesome to have insulted the soldier, but later, I found out that the woman knows her right. She was walking by the roadside when the soldier almost hit her with the bike he was riding. She complained and he insulted her first. I knew I was not as bold as she was. I felt bad that she suffered for her boldness. That is how so many Nigerians suffer in the hands of our military men.

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Now, back to the question, I don’t think that uniformed men deserve free rides in Lagos. My friend thinks they should because they are serving the nation. But I don’t think they should because when I was a youth Corper, I wasn’t getting a free ride. I was serving the nation as well. That is just my opinion. You can share yours in the comment box.


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