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Scam Under My Feet


You told me I was pretty
You told me I couldn’t make you stay
You implied I was so different to you
You said others have tried

I thought I could make a difference
I thought showing you true love could help
I thought you were human
I thought you could be redeemed
I didn;t know you were the devil himself
You took me as a pawn and really played the game of chess

Proud and bashful you are
Lacking in the looks department
You try to hide your insecurities under the veil of pride
“Fuck Boy” you tag yourself
You are nothing but a lost fawn
Having mummy issues, are you?

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But no matter the games you play
No matter the amount of money you possess
No matter what you believe you are
No matter how you parade and indulge yourself You would never amount to anything but scam under my feet

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