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Say It Before It’s Too Late


As we get older, we begin to realise a few things about ourselves and life in general. I realised something major last week, I won’t say realise, I felt it deep in my bones. We’ve always heard the saying life is too short, some of us even say it every day, but never really understand what it feels but I understood last week. My mum had been complaining about her health recently but the complaints she made didn’t sound like anything major and even she herself joked about it and called it “old age.” But a part of me was a bit worried so I asked her to see a doctor which she reluctantly agreed to. The doctor told us that she would have to be admitted. It sounded ridiculous to us.

She walked into the clinic herself why will she be admitted I asked. When the doctor explained the situation of things to me, I understood. I was made to realise that my mum was literally gone, but she didn’t know. Any fall could mean the end. I was thankful we found out about this fast, but the losing her part had not sunk yet, till I heard a day later my best friend lost his dad. He collapsed and that was the end. This made me realise I could have lost my mum same way my friend lost his dad. Life is just too short.

My friend didn’t have the perfect relationship with his dad, they didn’t talk as much has they probably should have, and they got into more fights than anything. He probably wishes he had said I loved you more or hadn’t fought with him because of NYSC and all those little fights I listened to. But it is too late to take those back.

I have an amazing relationship with my mum, truth is we still fight over the dumbest things and I sometimes wish she will just butt out of my business. but I never ever want to be in a situation where she won’t be able to call me just to look for my trouble or ask me what accessories she should wear with a particular outfit. The same feeling goes with every one of my loved ones, but I realise, they will be gone someday and all those annoying fights will be meaningless.

It will never be rosy with them, yes you’ll fight probably even say harsh words to each other but never let it last. Always remember who and what they are to you. Remember to say I love you and be there for them, so you’ll always have beautiful memories of them even when they are gone. If you’ve ever lost a loved one and wish you had said some things that you didn’t, well it’s not too late to say the same to the ones you have around now. Say all you want to say now and spend every moment like it’s your last. A sentence from one of my favourite songs goes

Tell that someone that you love, just what you’re thinking of, if tomorrow never comes…

That loved one doesn’t always have to be family, as most of us have friends that have become family to us, so tell that someone that you love no matter who he or she is because no one knows what might happen any minute from now.


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