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Reality Check: April’s Fool or Full April?


Seriously, thank God I was born in the jet age of science, information technology and new innovations.If I didn’t have the internet to remind me of trends, events and dates I would be as lost as I was this morning.

I woke up late today as I do every Saturday. This is the only chance I get to play catch up with sleep.I am usually overtaken by events during the week; work, write, school and reach out to as many as need someone to talk too. These activities have not really given me much time to bond with my bed.I didn’t realise today’s date until I checked social media an hour ago. Then it officially dawned on me, we just officially bid the first quarter of 2017 goodbye.

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Wawu! That’s really fast. At this rate, before we say jack we would be shouting happy new year  to as many as care to listen. So I  jejeley visit my diary to check my progress on my 2017 goals. I am honestly not pleased with  my speed but I’m making considerable progress. I had five goals for the first quarter and  I completed three. Now one wouldn’t consider this substantial growth but like I always say, whether you run, walk or crawl sha make some  movement.

Well, to say I am disappointed in me is just putting it mildly. But I am happy that I am making’s time to take stock of the year thus far. What are your plans for the year?Have you made considerable progress? What plans have you put in place to facilitate your progress? Do you have timelines? Are you deliberate? Have you been able to streamline your goals between long term, midterm and short term?Who are your catalysts?

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It’s also not too late to come up with answers to all these questions if you haven’t already done so. I have a whole post dedicated to goal setting and achieving your goals. click here to find it. I like to give myself something to look forward to when I hit my milestones. I promised myself  I was going to go see Skull Island on the big screen if  I hit the largest milestone.  Don’t judge me joh, but I am a fan of action and suspense packed movies and I love to watch these movies on big screen. Going to see Skull Island on Big screen was my reward for the quarter so I  am going to take that away from me until I can do better.

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I know that today, people will be much more intent on playing April’s fools prank than actually preparing for the second quarter. We only live once, so we need to get it right. Don’t make decisions that will make you wish for the rewind button at the end of the year.

Get on the programme,

do your reality check regularly,

sort out the baggage,

and keep moving.

Welcome to the month of April. Welcome to the second quarter of the year 2017.

You still have time to frame the change you desire. Start now!

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