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Polo Clubs Across Lagos


Polo Clubs Across Lagos- Though polo is said to have been played by the Persians thousands of years before the founding of our country, today Lagos’s polo clubs represent a plethora of ways in which the sport has developed and adapted to the diverse landscapes, cultures, climates, and communities.

Many clubs have games available to the public, with ticket prices ranging from the cost of a movie ticket to extravagant VIP packages. The following represent only a very small cross-section of polo clubs in the Lagos today.

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1. Brightwater Polo Club

Brightwater Polo Club is the quintessential way to spend afternoons in the heart of Lagos. The club hosts a roster of internationally acclaimed players, celebrities and socialites on the wide fields. The breeze and iced cocktails are enjoyed field-side in comfort, among the stylish, yet relaxed attendees. Luxury brand sponsors have VIP seating under catered tents, across from the tailgating spectators, all of whom are dressed to the nines, and sprinkled with famous faces. Anyone is welcome to attend, and matches are accessible to those new to the game, thanks to a running commentator offering explanations of the rules and plays as they happen.

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2. Lagos Polo Club

According to reports, the Lagos club was the origin of polo in Nigeria. It was introduced in the 1900s by British Naval Officers and was played on an air strip that was shared between the Lagos Polo Club and the Ikoyi Club. Located in the heart of Lagos (Polo road, off Ribadu road, Ikoyi), joining the club you have to be skilled and if you are not, then you must be rich enough to be allowed in. However, the club has preserved the standard of its tournament and facilities and is celebrated for its cordiality.

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