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Package Well Joh!


Packaging is an everyday word on the streets of Nigeria. People  use the term packaging in everyday language to mean cover up. Packaging is now an

escape route from the present. People go ahead and leave beyond their means all in the name of packaging. When you see how some Lagosians look

when they are living their houses, you won’t even be able to associate that individual with his abode.

People have attached so much importance to outward appearance and completely forgotten about the inside. You can package all you want but if you

don’t package the interior you are an empty vessel. What you have simply done is dress up a monkey in expensive clothes. The truth is he does not

even know the worth of what he is wearing because he is a monkey. It’s as simple as that.

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I have nothing against looking good, I just expect you to package other areas like:

Mental Packaging: Read some books, do some research, get exposure can you just know a bunch of other important things apart from music lyrics?

You know the names of all the Nigerian artist and their year of birth, in fact you stalk them on social media but you don’t even know that Venezuela is

not a movie tittle rather it is a country with a federal system of government situated in South America. Read books, learn new skills, and be able to

hold interesting conversations. Improve yourself, take new course if you can afford to, read up about the environment and recent happenings around

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the globe, try to know a little about everything.Be literate in the real sense of the word.

Spiritual Packaging: yes, you can go over to reread, I mean what I have just said. Many times, people make fun of spiritual people, they assume

that spiritual people are out of civilization but that’s their own opinion. I beg to differ, life is very much spiritual than physical. You might be a physical

giant and a spiritual nonentity. With no ability to make decrees and handle issues in the realm of the spirit, you don’t even have a relationship with

God. It’s spiritual packaging that translates to what eyes can see. While you are still in the city of packaging, please add some salt to the spiritual life,

you need it.

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What about your attitude? Package your life style too. Some people think that being rude and frowning all the time connotes  class. I disagree with

you. A smile is the classiest thing you can wear. Practice smiling in to the mirror. Work on  your mannerism and speech patterns, Be quick to

say “thank you” or “I am sorry”. Learn to  appreciate the efforts of those around you. If  all you do is take and take and keep on taking, with no room

to give back. Then what’s the essence of bagging both the awards for best dressed and worst behaved at the same time? Invest in your character, its

part of packaging.

Get Some Skills, read books, be a combination of  elegance  and intelligence.

Sha Package well.



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