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New Year resolutions – Find out What Should Be Different.


Yay!!! it’s 2017, Finally. It took me a whole day to send my own wishes across because I wanted all the excitement to die down a little, that way you could really hear me out.

Best Wishes for the year,2017, it’s a whole new chapter, a blank board you determine what will be written.

I hope you are already done with analyzing and reanalyzing 2016. I know you already have your long list of resolutions for 2017, but here are a few things I have to say.

To start with, if you are yet to plan for the year 2017, I would love to let you know that you are already behind schedule and are running late. By this time, you should be done with planning for the first half of next year.

When we say poor planning creates an avenue for poor performance, folks often substitute planning for the year with making New Year resolutions. Planning for the year and making New Year resolutions, like oil and water shouldn’t be mixed or substituted by one for the other.


When we talk about planning, we talk about deliberate projections, possible positive and negative outcomes, who to drop and who to intensify efforts with, etc. planning means lots of deliberate efforts, to make sure your projections actually pan out as expected.

Planning for the next year simply means, setting out possible routes to plow, possible rules to play by and possible outcomes.

Unfortunately, lots of folks don’t do this. They rather make resolutions that never last until the end of January.

There’s no atom of intentionality in their actions. They believe that things happen when they happen. They assume that if they resolve to stop drinking, or smoking, or to stop hanging out with a bad gang then the earth can go back to revolving around the sun.


Allow me to burst your bubble but, that is the definite opposite of taking the bull of your life by the horns. Instead of settling for unrealistic New Year resolutions, why not make plans and set realistic and achievable plans and goals for this New Year.

Deliberately be intentional about your life in the new year.

When you plan for the New Year,

  • Don’t stop at talking about your plans, take actions.
  • Identify exactly what your plans are and why?
  • Identify exactly what your style or modus operandi should be. For instance who to hang out with, who to avoid, where to go or not to go etc
  • Draw out your plans, have a game plan.
  • Set specific goals for specific months; reward yourself if you successfully execute your plans for a particular month. It’s called self-motivation.
  • Have KPI’s for measuring success. This will help you measure your progress and success rate.
  • Intentionally make decisions that tally with your plans for the year and your goals for the month.
  • Finally, don’t leave out the God factor. Acknowledge him in all your ways and he will direct your heart.

Setting up for a new year, takes a lot more than making New Year resolutions.It needs deliberate planning and efforts.

Be Intentional about 2017.

Being intentional about your actions is the main difference between resolutions and plans.

Be Deliberate and Intentional.

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