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My Poor Uncle Has More Worth Than His Rich Boss


Life, how do you define life? What’s your definition?. I’ll tell you this, life can only be defined by you. YOU determine the way you want your life to turn out.

People will say life is cruel, it’s only cruel when you choose to make it cruel. Humans go in search of the wrong things. You see someone prosper and feel your own journey is the same as that person. So you walk in their footsteps and follow their path and end up in a pit because your sight will be so focused on the person in front of you that you forget to look down for potholes.

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Everyone is destined to be great. Are the beggars on the street destined to be great? Yes, the people that life is so bad for them, did they choose that? Did they decide to make life horrible for themselves?.

The fact that you are poor doesn’t mean your life is horrible. You can be poor yet happy. You have just two clothes, therefore, you decide to wear them torn and dirty. Why can’t you wash the cloth and fold them and put them under what you sleep on to straighten for the next day? Who says life isn’t horrible for the rich?

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TRUTH? God watches over the poor more than the rich. Why does a rich man’s child fall sick and go to the hospital? while a poor man’s child can stay for five years and not go to the hospital once?. Why do the poor have 10 children while the rich seeks and search for children to love ?.

God knows that the poor man cannot afford to pay hospital bills and so he gives the children strong immune system to withstand anything.

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A poor man has no money to buy problem for himself if he sees food he is grateful. But the rich has money, therefore, fills their system with harmful food and substances.

Again what is life? What is your definition of life? I’ll tell you, life is what you make of it.


  1. I feel the phrase ” God watches over the poor morning than the rich” has a bit of truth in it because in a way God always refers to the poor. For example In bible God said it is easier for a poor man to enter heaven, when he said it it easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter heaven. He also said one time In the bible that if you do this to the least of my brethren you have also done it to me. Hope this makes sense.

  2. This was such a great article. I think everyone deserves God’s help though. Not more, not less.
    I think God uses the rich to provide for the poor and He uses the poor to humble the rich.

  3. I like the whole idea that poor people should make the best out of their situation, but not so sure about the fact that God watches over the poor more than the rich. The analogy can be flipped around to where rich people’s kids have a good immune system while the poor has sick kids and cannot even afford to take them to the hospital. Is God not watching over them then?
    This is a good writing overall ??????

  4. Nice read, although I don’t agree everything, but most of it is true, happiness is mostly a choice, you can make the most with what you have in life and be happy, although this is very subjective, and also, comparison is the “joy stealer”…..try to be happy

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