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My Journey to Self Rediscovery Episode 1

As I walked down that lonely path that sunny afternoon with my water pot on my shoulders, my bare legs on the sharp stones were the only reminder of reality I felt. I was lost in my own world, I had so many questions that begged for answers, I was really thirsty, my parched throat reminded me of that fact but not as thirsty as I felt within.

I thought that these men were going to fill up this hollow I felt and give me the satisfaction am really looking for. Thaddeus wasn’t as abusive as Zach, but he still didn’t give me the satisfaction that I deserve, I wish I had someplace else to go, I would have left him a long time ago. Hmmm Life, life has not been fair to me.

I was only 16 when I met Dike he was a man in every sense of the word. Tall, dark, beautiful, yes beautiful, a very beautiful man, his lashes fluttered with his speech, he had dimples and he smiled like an angel. I spent three years of my life with him. I couldn’t wait for him to pose the question or meet my parents so I moved into his house and life. 
I still remember the day I left him, it was a Thursday evening, what started as a little squabble between lovers turned out to be the end of my paradise. We both said things we didn’t mean and then he reminded me of the elephant in the room. I was heartbroken. That night I slept over at ijeoma’s place. She still lived with her parents, she had the life I dreamt of, a family; loving parents who really cared and skin tight siblings. Something I didn’t would think that all this will give her fulfilment. I mean I know I need a man to make me feel loved and needed, or so I thought. Why would I who actually has everything still jump from one man to another? Anyways that’s gist for some other day.
That night, I couldn’t sleep, I vowed to keep of men; how can my extremely beautiful man whom I thought completed me do this to me? How dare he hurt me like this?
I became a shadow of myself, lost hurting, heartbroken with no desire to go on living. Then one day I met Zach, hmmm light skinned, six packs, blue eyes, sparkling teeth, a good dress sense, all these couldn’t even begin to describe him. He wasn’t from my own part of the village, he was from the north, hardworking and diligent. I felt so glad to be chosen by him. I was so happy and elated, my heels actually stopped touching the ground, I was on cloud 10, I finally hit the jackpot. I guess I just forgot that looks didn’t determine the true personality of any human being.i was so lost in my own world that I didn’t notice the men who just walked past me.I turned to see who they were and they didn’t look like they were from our village.Who knows what they are here to do, they look like Jews. If they were then they might have probably missed their way. I continued my path to the well, thank God they didn’t even see me, I am tired of all the mockery and isolation.i still had a long way to go.
To be continued 
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