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#mcm Dasjaevian Dixon,Learn from him and be Inspired


My #mcm and #wcw posts on this platform and all my social media handles are not mere  social media rituals,but an opportunity to inspire you.

I specifically choose these people because i know that we all need that little push every once in a while and what better way to inspire ourselves than to learn from real people who beat the odds.

Today, Our #mcm (Man Crush Monday) figure  is Dasjaevian Dixon. His LinkedIn profile reads;

Dasjaevian Dixon is currently a senior at the University of North Texas. He is pursuing a BBA degree in Marketing and has a double minor in Decision Sciences and Psychology. Dasjaevian is goal-oriented, innovative, and ambitious. He believes that any task is attainable with hard work and dedication. During the course of his collegiate career, he has developed a passion for building professional relationships and making a significant impact in the community. Dasjaevian plans to reach high altitudes in life. As a millennial, he is building on his personal and professional skills to become a valuable asset in the business field.

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His LinkedIn Profile is the first LinkedIn profile i have seen with recommendations in his profile. People have so much to say about this young man. He has come a long way from where he was when he was 10.

Follow his life Journey with me, This is him speaking.

I donated my bone marrow to my younger sister in April of 2007. I lost my younger sister at the age of 10 in July of 2007. It left a permanent scar.

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However, I did not let that stop me from pursuing my goals and dreams. (He didn’t  let his grief,hurt,anger and pain which actually left a permanent scar define him.)

I applied for 40 scholarships in high school and received 18. I graduated top 10% of my class.

After researching and touring universities, I decided to attend the University of North Texas. After years of hard work at UNT, I have been accepted into Disney’s College Program. (See all that he has achieved)

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 Moral of the story is to not let obstacles stop you from pursuing what you want in life. Use your story as motivation to climb higher.

Perseverance will take you far.

Don’t let your life circumstances define you.

Be Inspired

Every thing in () are my own words,just emphasis so you follow.

Emphasis are mine too.

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