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The most beautiful cities in Nigeria are broadly spread among the six geopolitical zones in the nation. Far from the clamorous sight that the nation has frequently been painted by the media, the most populated African nation, Nigeria has various created urban areas with amazing scenes. Some say excellence is entirely subjective, however undoubtedly these […]
Lately, I have dived into the world of African literature believe me I didn’t plan for this to happen just like you don’t plan to fall in love, I was bored the other day and I decided to download the book “Things fall apart by Chinua Achebe” and my relationship with African literature began. The […]

‘Hurriyah’ – Freedom

On December 6, 2016
Neemah had gotten very good at tying knots, A few weeks ago she had used a bundle of brightly colored yarn balls to teach the children arts and crafts. Soon, she had started going back to the supply cupboard to cut bits and pieces of the last unused ball of yarn. She absent mindedly tied […]
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