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LG Innovative Products Guarantees Quality Family Time

This partner content was brought to you by LG Electronics Africa.

The current trend of technological advancement in helping to improve the living conditions of human beings is quite remarkable.

As at today, technology seems to be taking over the lives of people all over the world, adults and kids alike. For most families sitting in the living room with each one glued to their respective devices cannot be regarded as having good family bonding together, rather quality family time should include the element of communications among families with necessary feedbacks achieved.

Using today’s technology most families can conveniently see a movie outside their homes with family members using projectors that can be attached to phones using a simple white cloth hung up in the backyard can become a movie screen.

This obviously would create an enabling environment for family and friends to spend quality time together enjoying their favourite movies in a relaxed homely setting. LG‘s lineup of OLED and Nano Cell TVs are leaders in making cinema-quality viewing possible in the home. These TVs boasts of wider viewing angles that allow for more people to experience images at peak resolution ideal for gamers.

The LG combined advanced sound bar and home audio system technology makes the home entertainment solutions perfect for families seeing a movie together, the newly extended ultrawide monitors makes it easier for parents to game with their kids

As part of its commitment to improving and encouraging more quality family time for consumers around the globe, LG believes that it has a responsibility to produce technology that has a positive impact on not just the environment alone but also promote better bonding in families. The company has received numerous awards recognizing it as a leader in green technology which has obviously stood the company out for many years.

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Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son said: “our products are beyond satisfying the needs of our esteemed consumers they are also deliberately designed for friends and family to share quality time together thereby promoting family value system in the society. For instance, the LG OLED TV with its beautiful and strategic viewing angles can provide the ambience for family to have nice quality time together.”

An electronics giant, like LG with a dedicated research arm and different products lines to its credit cannot but keep churning out products that guarantees the safety and privacy of consumers. In addition to its outstanding economies of scale, perhaps the greatest strength that a company of this size brings to the table is its vertical integration.

Unlike many of its competitors who specialize in only one market, LG is able to apply the advances and discoveries made by its individual branches to other products within the LG family. Because LG produces smart consumer electronics in addition to high-end appliances, the company is able to unite all of its production arms to create environmentally friendly products that enhance user health, convenience and quality of life.

The unique LG Styler helps to sanitize everyday fabrics and items that are difficult to wash; it is basically designed for consumers who are tired of shuttling between their homes and drycleaner. This makes the power of steam-cleaning available in homes for family members to use to address their laundry issues.

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The Styler is a perfect innovation for children clothing and toys using the steam power to get rid of bacteria, it will obviously create an avenue for family members to play catch up on discussions that have been left unaddressed for a long time while the cleaning exercise is in progress. More importantly, when used alongside LG advanced CordZero vacuum cleaners, the clothing care products is able to guarantee an allergen-free environment that family members can all enjoy.

However, advancement in innovative healthy technology is promoting a hassle free world with LG championing it with its ever innovative smart technologies. The standardization and innovation of modern technology has made it possible for consumers to now see healthy living as not just systemic but as a way of life worthy of embracing, all thanks to LG Electronics.

Smartphones which have today become a veritable tool in the hands of family and friends to capture fun and unforgettable moments as well as stream content online also serves a bonding device for family members. LG G6+ phone with its unique innovative features is a typical example of such smart technology.

It is among the first set of phones to support both Dolby Vision and HDR10 standards with the Netflix mobile app supporting its display technology. The phone possesses the ability to display beautiful and accurate colours with a perfect viewing angle for all. G6+ is designed with the philosophy that a consumer can have a big screen without necessarily having to put up with a big device.

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With the ever rising demand of workloads at offices, family bonding could be a bit difficult to achieve; this would be too much of a burden for most people to spend quality time together as a family.

Thanks to LG Electronics as that is fast becoming a thing of the past as variety of products are now available to help bridge the gap being created by work load at places of work. Smart kitchen solutions form LG are good examples of such products that can make possible for even the most unskilled chef to seamlessly prepare a meal. Smart ovens are not left out to ensure that dishes are set in their specification every time.

The age we are in, could be regarded as the best time for families to create unique and memorable moments for themselves and friends with the aid of innovative technologies that are readily available in the market. LG Electronics surely has trustworthy products to help consumers achieve quality family time.

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