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Husband Material


Every one says fabric,even Fashion is so “tushed” yet qualifications for the position of wife /husband has still remained at material.

So you hear people quantify the qualifications in yards;Husband Material, 500 Yards.

To each his own,what’s good for the goose,is not always good for the gander.

My brother has been on a dating spree looking for  a significant other, trying out different specs and species. Every time he gets home from a supposed date, his facial expressions tell me everything i need to know. There are women everywhere,why is it so hard to pick one? I’d muse to myself.

I decide to put him out of his misery so i go behind his back to talk to a friend who i thought would help me help him. after i have poured out my heart to her,she asks me the most bizarre question i have ever heard in my life, how many yards is your brother?

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How do you mean? was my reply . Then she went on to explain to me that all she wanted to know was what kind of qualities does he posses?  Is he “TDH'” or “TFH”, does he own a car? can he cook? Is he a fashionista? etc

I was speechless, but to me,that was food for thought. I now know better.

In this generation when marriages are breaking up two days after a huge wedding party,one would think that people will pay much more attention to values  than looks, vision rather than material things. its a pity.

These questions are the measuring cylinder for the man i intend to call my husband. He needs to fit into these because i am working on myself to be this kind of woman.

Am i attracted to him? Attraction for me is not based on looks only.Looks count but there is could be his expression,his drive, the way and manner in whch he adrssed me,his carraige and content.I always choose Content over Container.

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What drives him? As a man thinks in his heart,so is he.This is a very popular quote,everyone can quote it but how many people actually think the right thoughts?does he have a plan for his life? what are his long term goals? What are his short term goals?does he have capacity for more? These things matter.marraige is not always going to be about sex and love and romance.

Is he a man of  Integrity. When he says yes,what does it really mean?Can i take his words to the bank?

How does he relate to other people,is he kind,gentle,humble, How does he react when he is angry? What is the quality of the relationship he has with his parents,his siblings,his subordinates?  Is he all about material things?Does he look down on people? Is he proud or arrogant?Watch out for an arrogant man,he will wipe off every iota of self dignity you have and make you lose and forget yourself completely.

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Finally and most Important,Is he in totally completely in love with God?  His love for God will determine how he treats you.A man who loves God will love you and everything you bring to the table especially your family.He will help you fulfil your dreams,he will grow with you as you become the best version of yourself.

Don’t be an unconcerned spectator in the affairs of your life by attaching importance where there is none.

How many yards is le boo?


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