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How to Run an Effective Facebook Ad


Tosin Ayenuro sent me an email sometimes last week describing some difficulties in running an effective Facebook Ad. Running an effective advert takes some level of understanding of some basics and rudiments of a Facebook ad. They are explained below.

1. Conduct A/B Testing

Conducting A/B testing is so important in running a facebook advert. It helps you to determine which advert is working and which isn’t. A/B testing can increase your conversion rates and also your Return on Investment (ROI). Alternatively, also helps you to reduce the cost of running a Facebook advert.

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2. Image Optimization

Always use the right image for your Facebook Ad. Facebook recommends that your picture must be 80% image and 20% copy (text). You can test if a text is way too much here.

A picture they say is worth a thousand words.

The right image will help you reduce the cost of your ads by increasing your Click Through Rate (CTR) and your relevance score.

3. Choose the right set of audience

Your audience also determines whether or not Facebook is going to charge you more. The relationship with your audience will determine whether or not Facebook will charge you more.

Re-targeting to an audience who is familiar with you will get you more clicks when it comes with the right message directed specifically towards them.

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The more clicks, conversions and interactions you get on a particular ad; the less you’ll pay and the more ROI to be achieved.

4. Be specific in your objectives

Focus on one specific objective which could be either to generate sales, drive traffic, get lead forms, generate engagement, application downloads, etc.

This should be the first consideration before running any Facebook advert.

5. Modify your Ad

The most successful advert/campaign still needs some modification from time to time.

Such as updating your image, re-phrasing your copy, refining your target audience to yield better results and amongst others.

6. Ad Frequency

Ad Frequency is the metric that tells you how often the same user has seen your ad. if the same people keep seeing your ad too many time, it means two things:

  • You aren’t reaching a new audience
  • Your audience might not be converting
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While sometimes a user will see an ad once or twice before they click and convert, the higher your frequency gets, the less Click Through rate (CTR) and conversion you are likely to see. This will start to increase the cost of your clicks, and you won’t be getting any results.

It is ideally to keep your frequency under 3.

Thus, making sure users are only seeing the same ad a few times, you’ll keep engagement and interactions up.

7. Leads Management

Once your campaign gets results, endeavour to manage all your leads effectively which could be through phone calls, chat, emails, SMS, messenger and more.


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