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How to Pick the Best Shade of Foundation for Your Skin Tone


Finding the right shade of foundation for your skin tone can be overwhelming. It’s very important to get it right because it’s always obvious when you wear foundation that is cakey or isn’t the right color for your skin tone. The whole point of foundation is not to look like you have layers and layers of makeup on but to help your skin look its best.

There are some points you need to consider when selecting the best foundation for your skin tone. But remember that foundations are all about creating a healthy, smooth and consistent coloring throughout your face, neck and décolleté. With a lot of products and brands to choose from, there’s been no better time to know your spot-on shade. So here are a few tips on how to pick the best shade of foundation for your skin tone:

1. Identify Your Skin Tone

I can’t begin to state how important it is to know your skin tone before choosing the right foundation. The right skin color will help you reduce the task of applying makeup. A wrong shade of foundation can ruin all the effort you take to get the right makeup look.  Are you fair, moderately fair, medium, medium deep, deep or very deep? If you’re unsure try comparing your skin colour to someone you know, a model or makeup artist and see how they describe theirs.

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2. Know Your Skin Type

You need to understand what skin type you have if it is dry, oily or a combination of both.  This will help you choose the right foundation i.e. liquid, loose powder, compact or others, which will help you avoid the risk of harming your skin.

If your skin is dry, choose oil or water based foundation that will blend well and keep your skin hydrated. Oil or water based foundations have a creamy consistency as they are blended with ingredients that deliver moisture to your skin and offer more coverage.

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If your skin is oily, use oil-free liquid or powder foundations that have a matte finish. They contain powders that absorb oil, leaving you with a matte, smooth finish. Pressed powder foundations are also another good option for oily skin as they absorb all the oil and keep your skin fresh for long. Note that If you’re prone to breakouts, use a foundation that contains salicylic acid because It dries up the oil-producing glands that usually cause pimples.

If you have a combination of both dry and oily skin, you can experiment with using water based foundations to pressed powder foundation depending on your skin condition.

3. Figure Out the Coverage You Want

Decide on the coverage you want to have for your skin. Coverage means how much of your natural skin you want to show through your foundation. Whether light, medium or full. A light coverage foundation will even out your skin tone and give you a very natural look with some slight glow on your face.

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A medium coverage foundation will give you a little bit heavier coverage than the light ones. They tend to hide mild scars and blemishes. A full coverage foundation will hide every minute flaw from your skin and give you a thick coverage with a perfect radiance on your face. Actually, full coverage foundations act as a second skin for your face hiding your actual one.

Once you are able to determine your ideal foundation formula, pick 3 colors that appear to be close to your skin tone. Test them where your jaw line meets your neck before you finally make your choice.  The shade that blends is the correct shade match. Make sure you use enough foundation so as to get a clear idea of its true colour.

Now you’re ready to pick the best shade of foundation for your skin tone.

Thanks for reading.

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