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How to Make Groundnut or Peanut Soup


How to Make Groundnut or Peanut Soup – Groundnut is one of the most common nuts in Nigeria, a lot of people love to snack on groundnut whether it is boiled or roasted groundnut always tastes good. Oil extracted from groundnut is one of the most common type of oil used in Nigeria. The best part about this nut is actually very healthy, it aids weight loss and some even say that it helps with fertility, I don’t know how true that is. So the first time I heard about groundnut soup imagine my excitement as an unrepentant ground nut lover.

Groundnut soup is said to be very popular amongst the Benin people and it is usually eaten with fufu,  pounded yam while some people like it with rice.

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  • 500g raw peeled groundnuts
  • Assorted meat or Chicken
  • Dry fish or Stock fish
  • Palm Oil
  • A small bunch of Efirin leaves
  • 2 tablespoons ground crayfish
  • Knorr Soup seasoning
  • Salt (to taste) & ground dry pepper.


  • First, soak the stock fish & dry fish for a few hours. The length of time depends on how hard the stock fish is. You may also decide to boil it a bit. When soft, clean the fish, remove the bones and separate them into small pieces.
  • Roast the raw groundnuts in a pan, stirring constantly till they look golden brown( Make sure the groundnuts do not get burnt)
  • After this set aside to cool down completely then grind into a powder with a dry mill.
  • Wash & cut the efirin leaves into small pieces then start cooking your meat or chicken, make sure you season your meat or chicken with Knorr and salt to taste.
  • If you are using meat, take note that you should cook the toughest meat for a longer period of time. When the meat or chicken has cooked well add the dry fish and stockfish.
  • Add the crayfish, salt (if necessary) and pepper, cover and cook till it boils.
  • Transfer the meat and fish to another pot/container leaving the stock in the pot.
  • Add the ground nuts powder and stir very well till there are no lumps.
  • Reduce the heat to very low and start cooking. Stir every 5 minutes and top up the water if necessary.
  • To avoid the mixture from burning, watch it closely and stir as often as necessary.
  • Cook till a thin film of clear oil appears on the surface. This should take about 15 minutes. Add palm oil and stir very well.
  • Add the meat or chicken, stir and cook on low heat till it boils, add the efirin, stir and leave to simmer.
  • Stir again and take off heat.
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You can eat it with pounded yam, fufu, rice or any swallow of your choice. We hope you enjoy it.  

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