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How to Create Snapchat Ads


How to Create Snapchat Ads: Snapchat has introduced a new revenue generation thus helping brands achieve their marketing goals. Depending on your role, you will be able to create and launch campaigns within Ads Manager. To create your first campaign, check out the how-to video or follow the steps below!

Log on to and click Get Started to create your first Snapchat ad.

  1. Click the ☰ icon in the top left corner of Ads Manager.
  2. Go to the ‘Dashboard’ view.
  3. Select an ad account from the drop-down in the top right corner.
  4. Click ‘Create Campaign’ in the pop-up. From here you will be able to create your first campaign, ad set, and ad!


Campaign: Here you will choose an objective and schedule. 

  1. Objective
    • Select an objective (Grow Awareness, Drive Traffic to My Website, Drive Installs of My App, Drive Video Views).
      • Please Note: The creative you upload later on must match the objective you choose. For example, if you chose “Drive Installs of My App,” as your objective, the ad for the campaign must be an App Install. Please go here for more info!
  2. Schedule
    • Choose to start your campaign immediately, or select your start and end dates.
    • Select the status of your campaign (active or paused).
  3. Name your campaign.
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Click ‘Next.’

Ad Set: Here you can choose your audience, budget, and schedule. 

  1. Name your ad set.
  2. Geography
    • Select the geographical locations where you’d like your ad to run (select a country and then choose which states and DMAs to include or exclude).
  3. Demographics
    • Choose which demographics you would like to reach (age range, gender, and DLX advanced demographics).
    • If your creative or the product being advertised is required to be age-restricted (e.g. gambling related content, alcohol, etc.) please check the box next to ‘Regulated Content.’
  4. Audiences
    • Select the predefined and custom audiences you would like to reach:
      • Predefined audiences: Audiences that have been built and packaged using Snapchat and third-party data, allowing you to reach people based on their online and real world interests and behaviors.
      • Custom audiences: Audiences you have created via Snap Audience Match (CRM lists), Snap Engagement Audiences, and Lookalikes. Please Note: When you select a custom audience, you may notice that the audience meter defaults to > 1000. This will display, regardless of your custom audiences’ actual size, due to data and privacy reasons. You can always see the size of your custom audience, by going to the ‘Custom Audiences’ view in Ads Manager and selecting the audience you’d like to view.
  5. Placements
    • Choose the devices you would like to target, including operating system, connection type, and carrier.
  6. Budget and goals
    • Input your daily budget, goal, and bid amount.
  7. Schedule
    • Select your scheduled start and end times and status (active or paused).
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Please Note: While it’s necessary to select a country, the rest of these steps are optional. We do not allow ad sets to reach less than 1000 people and we do not recommend reaching more than 20 million people with the same creative.


Click ‘Next.’

Ad: Here you will be able to upload or choose from your existing Snap Ad creatives.

  1. Select a creative or upload a new one by clicking ‘+ New Creative’ in the right hand corner of the page. Please Note: The creative you upload must match the objective you choose. For example, if you chose “Drive Installs Of My App,” as your objective, the ad for the campaign must be an App Install.
  2. Click ‘Launch Campaign!’
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