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How to Be a Driver for Uber in Nigeria and Make 200,000 Monthly


How to be a Driver for Uber: I read an article about career change written by Strive Masiyiwa titled Changing your Career: Prepare to change your career by Strive Masiyiwa. In this article, he had an insightful discussion with an uber driver in New York and I thought Nigeria needs more uber drivers, at least to ease the financial burden we are faced with. So the idea to write this article How to be a Driver for Uber came to mind. I hope you find the information useful.



Here’s a video (courtesy Rosemary Abang from TechSavvie) showing how to use the service:

Uber is a technologically driven taxi company which help the customer get comfortable taxis from anywhere, using just a smartphone app. The user downloads the Uber app and when a taxi is needed, he/she pushes a button to request a driver. This app goes forward to match the customer with the nearest verified taxi and also provide an estimate for the fare. The Uber app automatically charges the customers registered atm and the driver also get paid directly into his account. This payment is done weekly and there is no need for physical money exchange, after each ride, the customer receives a breakdown of the fare by email.


In this article how to be a driver for Uber, I will also show you how much money a Uber driver makes weekly. And this information is based on an extensive research I carried out. But first, it is pertinent to note that Uber provides just the software to connect drivers to their prospective customers so the company does not own any of the vehicles. Registered drivers make money on this Uber platform by driving their personal cars themselves and picking up customers or another strategy being used is bu putting a fleet of cars on the Uber platform and simply hiring drivers to drive for them.

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It is advisable to drive your car yourself as it makes you self-employed and it gives you complete control on what hours you work. The company sends customers during the hours you are available which means you can adjust your availability to a way it suits you. Another advantage of being an Uber driver is that you don’t have to bargain with customers as the fare are determined by the app and automatically calculated based on time and distance. Uber takes a 20% commission and credits your bank account with your earning either on a weekly or monthly basis. to calculate how much a driver makes assuming one driver confirms a minimum of 14 jobs per day with an average fare of ₦1,500 per ride, will translate to ₦108,000 per week i.e after commission for a driver working 6 days a week.

During my research, i came across this earning report.

the driver I spoke to reported earnings of about ₦110,000 weekly after commissions. He reported a monthly net income of between ₦240,000 and ₦260,000 after paying approximately ₦112,000 monthly for petrol and ₦60,000 monthly for insurance and maintenance expenses. Obviously, non-owner drivers should expect a lower net income after car rental/leasing costs.

[The earnings reported below were reported around October 2015 with one of the first set of partners. A net profit of 100,000 to ₦200,000 is more realistic around now)

Source of the above blockquote Mrpepe

You will be able to access full payment statements in your driver area which looks like this:


  • UberX & UberBlack vehicles must be sedan (no hatches accepted)
  • Vehicles must be 2006 or newer
  • Mileage should be a maximum of 100,000KMs when being put onto the Uber system
  • All vehicles require a working radio and air conditioner (electric windows preferable)
  • Vehicles must have a minimum of 1750mm width
  • No full-size (15 passengers) vans, Lincoln Towncars, Mercury Grand Marquis, or Ford Crown Victorias
  • No salvage vehicles. Must have a clean title.
  • To qualify for Uber, vehicles must have seat belts for all passengers including the driver.
  • Vehicles will remain on the Uber system unless complaints from riders about quality occur sooner
  • Only one driver per account, meaning the person driving the car is the one named on the account.
  • All drivers must go through a full background check initiated by UBER.
  • Driver must have a driver’s license and lagos state driver’s institute card.
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To successfully register you must ensure that your vehicle meets the requirement before registering.

This are other requirements to be considered before registering

  • Vehicle Licence
  • Certificate of road-worthiness (You can get this from the FRSC)
  • Tint permit if your windows are tinted.
  • Proof of ownership
  • Comprehensive Insurance.
  • Certificate of Incorporation. You are self-employed and not an employee of Uber, so you will need to register a company for this purpose.
  • GPS enabled Smartphone You can either bring your own smartphone or Uber provides you with a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini for a ₦50,000 deposit (or 5 instalments of ₦10,000). Uber will also deduct ₦1500 per week for data on the Etisalat network.

The onboarding session lasts probably a  full day. Drivers will be tested for their aptitude, city knowledge, use of the Uber App and submit their background check information. As part of the background check they will also take a psychometric test and must meet Uber’s minimum requirements.

STEP 1: To book a driver for onboarding, you will first need to visit your partner dashboard and a driver by visiting Select “Add A Driver” and have their documents uploaded. you can skip this step If you have already added your driver to your partner dashboard or will be driving yourself .

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STEP 2: Visit and book a session. If you would like a later date, please check again on Fridays when the new dates will be displayed. The name entered on the booking form must be your driver’s name and email address. Your driver must print a booking confirmation to be allowed into the sessions.

STEP 3: Drivers should attend the sessions fully prepared – please advise them to come with: – A valid drivers license (at least 90 days till expiration) – LASDRI card (more info here –, takes 48 hours). Drivers should be dressed in a smart dress shirt, trousers (no jeans) and covered shoes

Background Checks: Drivers will also be able to submit their background check information on the day and should come with:

  • Two passport photographs
  • Full address and previous employer details
  • Details of two qualifying guarantors

Please email if you would like any additional information or attend one of our partner info sessions on Wednesdays at 6pm and Fridays at 10.30am. If you would like to book a Vehicle Inspection, please visit

The process takes about 2 weeks, and here are some additional resources to help in your enquiry:

To register with Uber:

To book a vehicle inspection, visit:

To book a driver training, visit:

To lease a vehicle in Lagos: http://fleetpartners.nghttp://www.c-ileasing.comhttp://firstchoiceleasingltd.com

Cab business in Nigeria is a lucrative with without Uber. But then again Uber has attracted a lot more young and classic customer to book taxis the easier way in the comfort of their home and offices. Uber also give this sense of security because customers can now take a cab without fear of being attacked by fake cab drivers.


  1. Gooday ma/sir, pls I will like to ask of uber address in abuja.someone told me that one of ur office is at maitama.pls I will need d address and their customer care number. Thank u so much and u guys are doing a great work

    • Hello Biola,

      We currently do not have Uber’s current address in Abuja, However, we will provide the information when it is available to us.
      Thank you.

  2. Hello ma/Sir, pls I want to ask of uber office address in abuja. Was told that u av office at maitama. Pls really need the address and their customer care number.thank u and u guys are doing a great work

    • Hello Biola,

      We currently do not have Uber’s current address in Abuja, However, we will provide the information when it is available to us.
      Thank you.

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