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GTBank Food and Drink Fair 2017: My Experience


“No, I am not going. Why will I want to stress myself and go for this event?” This was among the many excuses and so-called reasons I gave so I could to miss the GTBank’s Food and Drinks Fair. Fortunately, a friend made me go. I was still wondering why I had to go, I wasn’t invited for the two major Master classes I wanted to attend, and the one I was invited for, I knew I just couldn’t make it, only if Michael was about to pull a Fast and Furious stunt to get me there on time. I really didn’t understand the whole essence of the Food and Drink Fair because I missed the event last year, but the foodie in me was a bit happy that I’ll get to feed my eyes and maybe my stomach at the fair.

gtb food and drinks

The traffic on the road that led to the fair, gave me an idea of what was really happening. The road was buzzing and we had not even gotten to Water Corporation drive, Oniru, Victoria-Island. The fair was packed and hyped right from the very minute I and my friends walked in. The first thing that came to my mind was “Chai, Nigerians, and events”. The day was so hot and I needed to get a hand fan and a cold bottle of water. All these GTBank generously provided right from the entrance of the fair. But really why will I be drinking water when there were a lot of drink vendors? Water can come later. This led me to my first booth. I had no idea what type drink I should have first, but seeing the number of people at the SV LUNCH Bar/box (not sure) & cocktails made the crew stop by and see what they had to offer on a very hot Sunday afternoon. We had no idea what to get on their menu, so we asked for the attendants favourite. And thank God we did, because it was amazing. I don’t know the name of the drink I had, but it was worth the N800 I paid for it. That was before I realised it was more ice than drink.

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gtb food and drinks

The fair had over 80 vendors. It was really good to see that much people in the food and drink industry all in one venue. This fair provided a foodie like me the opportunity to meet and learn about so many vendors and also try new things. The price some of these vendors had on their merchandise was heartbreaking for a “kofa” like me. Most of the vendors I visited had a price surge and I expected to get things cheaper here than I would at their store. This unfortunate financial-ish didn’t make the foodie in me have a Carribean party like I wanted to. There were so many vendors, so this was not the same everywhere.

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The best part of my day yesterday was meeting my favourite Nigerian chef, Chef Stone and also having a taste of what I’ll call my new obsession, Yogurt FRENZY. I was really craving frozen yoghurt yesterday and I was scared of indulging in it because I wanted low fat (we are trying to lose weight). Fortunately, my search for low-fat frozen yoghurt led me to Yogurt Frenzy’s stall.

chef stone - GTB food and drinks

frenzy yogurt

The customer service was amazing, the yogurt exceptional and the best part, the yogurt was no sugar, no fat, very low calories, what more could a girl ask for.  I was able to find out that the brand Frenzy yogurt had been around for a while and I was just getting to know them yesterday. The yoghurt was so good I had to get it twice. I tried the Cheesecake and Cake batter flavours, both topped with raisins and it was just like paradise in my mouth.

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frenxy yogurt

If you are at the GTBanks Food and Drink Fair, please check the booth. It is worth your money. No advert here, I am just saying the truth.


gtbank food and drinks

There are so many things I could write about this fair, but I think you all should stop by and support Nigerian food businesses. This is a big industry that would only keep getting bigger. Food and drinks bring people together, and that was pretty evident from my Day1 experience at the GTBank’s Food and Drink fair.  And may I add, the barbeque vendors are simply magnificent. Don’t let me tell you all this, you should also experience it.

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