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5 Christmas Vacation Ideas for Couples on a Budget in Nigeria


So yuletide is gradually but with all certainty getting closer and you’d like to take your spouse on a vacation trip but you’ve got absolutely no idea on where to go? Oh well, rest easy now knowing we’ve got these few tips for you to help make that special someone look up at you with stars in their eyes twinkling only for you. Now just as we promised, below are vacating ideas to help you on your chosen course. By the way, happy vacating!


You would never think of or visit this rather melodramatic state same way again after a Christmas trip there with your loved one, although while looking tough on the outside, it’s actually soft on the inside having varieties of answers to every outing dilemma you may have.

Not everyone, however, would agree to this but the few who see Lagos as mundane simply haven’t taken out their time to know this rather intriguing state or has lived for so long there the novelty of being in such a fun and beautiful place has worn out.

Are you looking for a place with limits or none to your credit card and fun? There! you’ve got just the right place with your wish being its command ranging from resorts, clubs/bars, hotels seeming like something out of a fairy tale movies, to shopping malls (hello, variety, as they say, is the spice of life).


For those of you who haven’t been to Bayelsa, it’s rated as one of the smallest states in Nigeria, and Ogobiri/Amassoma are tucked in a small corner of this quiet state with both towns considered as parts of the Wilberforce island. These places aren’t big on wild fun, but if you are looking for a really quiet place with friendly locals and a chance at trying your hand at fishing while poised in a boat of your choice with the wind bathing you all over, this place is just perfect for you and rather purse-friendly as you wouldn’t need to spend much. Not an ideal place to raise kids, but just perfect for that quiet time with your spouse amid locals with amusing behavioural patterns yet friendly to a fault.


This ranch like but the beautiful resort is located at the Obudu plateau, cross rivers state with a cable car to give you a grand view of places you long for but can’t seem to reach and a charter air service available nearby.

The best time to visit this ranch/resort is between October and February (December, to you) when the flowers at the resort tentatively bloom under the fond gaze of the clear sky and carefree birds chirp away oblivious to wannabe audiences with a thing for wildlife of all shapes, sizes, colours as well as accommodations in all categories to fit your budget.

Alongside these, the resort provides 24/7 room services, kids pool, child services, meeting rooms, and lots more.


Do you or your spouse have a thing for heirlooms, voodoo, and traditions?

Well, this capital has got you both covered right there this Christmas season with thrills like the Oba’s palace, the Benin moat also known as Iya, the Igan street which was dubbed by UNESCO as a cultural heritage site, Benin national museum containing artifacts from the city and out, the Kada plaza which is a shopping mall for everyone, and you wouldn’t want to miss the Igue festival said to fall between the Christmas and new year to renew the oba’s magical powers.

The best time to visit this enchanted kingdom is between November to February when the air is cool and dry (aren’t you the lucky one now?)


Ah, what can’t we tell of this rather creative state in terms of food? Yeah, you heard right, I just mentioned an entire state and food in one sentence and with a straight face so if you happen to be a foodie, welcome to one state in Nigeria good with experimenting in the kitchen.

What I’ve been trying to say is, Akwa Ibom is that one state to take that spouse with a thing or two for food because their traditional blend and taste for food are just exquisite, among which are the popular Afang and Edikankong soup made from pumpkin, waterleaf, and Okazi leaf.

But food isn’t all these proud people has got to offer on their menu, there’s the Ibom plaza Uyo having a shopping plaza, open theatre, and double rolled water fountain.

They’ve also got the Ibeno sand beach and similar to it are other beaches at Ikot Abassi, Oron, Abadia, and Nwaniba.

These wonderful people are also entitled to a national museum with some of the finest relics, traditional instruments as old as the city itself, and a waterfront garden with an amazing scenic view of boats lazily drifting in the creeks basking under the sky.

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