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Father’s Day: These are the real Heroes!


My shoutout might be too late but they say better late than never, so here it comes.

Happy fathers day to my daddy, the man who has refused to recognise me as a grown woman who is capable of making sane decisions. My dad and I do not really have a relationship as cordial as we would love to. We spend most of the time we have together fighting because, in his opinion, I still need someone to help me with my diapers.I understand that this comes from a place of love seeing that his reactions are mostly concerns rather than complaints.

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I have taken my time to celebrate him and to the best of my abilities, so I know he is relaxed and content.

… But My heart goes out to another category of fathers. Fathers who didn’t receive any call or text today and this is my celebratory message to everyone in that category.

Shout out to all the fathers who …

are trying soo hard and are unable to meet up,

want to be called daddy yet have no seed to grant their wish,

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have suffered and are still suffering the  injustice of being cut out of the lives of their children without just cause,

silently groan in pain and agony hoping for some celebration of some sort but never get it,
didn’t get to hear “happy father’s day” today,

have been falsely accused and are serving punishment for a crime they didn’t commit,

made the mistake in their choice of a life partner and are still paying with their blood.

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That father whose pain I can’t even express because I have no understanding of how he’s hurting,

whose idea of father’s day is  excruciating and agonising pain,

whose heart broke over a million times today.

God hears your prayers, he sees your tears,

help will come when you least expect.

This is from me to you;


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