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EDL Weekender: Something Special with Chef Benedict…and Gin


It’s another Friday so here’s a lowdown on what to do and a new playlist to kick things off. 


This week’s playlist was so much fun to make. It has so much “range”. Shouts to Nkemka. 

Spotify version of the playlist HERE



Chef Benedict wants to feed you all weekend

Chef Benedict’s Supper Club is back again this month. There are a couple left spots for Friday and Saturday. Pricing deets: 

  1. 24k/head, for solo guests
  2. 23k/head, for couples
  3. 22k/head, for groups of 3 or more. 
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If you’re interested, click the reserve button below:


Chef Benedict Supper Club

Name *


Thank you!

The menu looks pretty interesting, especially the homemade gelato. We’ve had Ben’s gelato and it’s quality. He went to “Gelato School” sooo….yeah. 

If Benedict’s Supper Club is a bit out of the budget for you, we’re helping him out with a little something on Sunday. Depending on how it goes, there might be more in future. At 12k/head, this is a bit more accessible and he’s running it out of his Lunch Con Benedict imprint (is that the right word?) ahead of the launch of its delivery service. 

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To reserve, click the button below:


The Sunday Roast Reservation

Name *


Thank you!


National Gin Day

Lala, of Drink Lagos fame lol, is collaborating with South and Bite Lagos on something she’s calling a “Ginstitute”. There’s a curated cocktail + canapé menu and guests are treated to what’s essentially a “boozy” masterclass. 


The “Ginstitute” will run in two sessions: 1pm and 5pm. The menus will serve 1-3 people and it’ll set you back 18k. To reserve or get menu details, click the button below or send an email to

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Learn More


World Cup Party at La Taverna

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-06 at 3.23.25 PM.jpeg

It’s World Cup season and La Taverna is hosting a kickoff party this weekend. There’ll be no football to watch, obvs, but there’ll be lots to eat and drink. 

We’re trying to organize a little BBQ for Nigeria’s first game so keep your eyes for open for deets in the coming week. 

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