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Don Moen: Highlights From the Experience 2016


About Don Moen

Hmm, the experience was Electrifying. This is my first live experience of the experience and I must say I was blessed. But I had a few high points that made me think about my life and where exactly am headed.

One of these high points was Don Moen’s he sang the timeless piece I just want to be where you are (Video below), I had goose bumps.

It made me think about my adolescent and early teenage years when the video Compact disc player was a major characteristic of the high and mighty and we were opportune to have one in my house.

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The first CDs we watched were Don Moen, Ron Kenoly, and women of faith. I just used to love watching these videos and dancing to their tunes. Then I didn’t really understand what the lyrics were about but when he sang that song again on Friday, I just wondered exactly what was going through his mind when he sang that song.

Then he moved on to Giving thanks, and on to None like you and onto the next and the next I just saw a worshiper. You would notice that these songs have been a huge source of comfort and solace to a whole bunch of people.

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He can afford to say he has fought a good fight like Paul said. But can you?

What do you think about in your quiet times? If we were to have external speakers to play out what goes on in your mind, would you be proud of it?

Most times, we take so many things for granted, we complain about all the things we don’t have and forget to be grateful for the things we have. We are so focused on ourselves, it’s always me, myself and I. We have no foot prints whatsoever on the sand of time.

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Please don’t get it twisted, everybody shouldn’t be a celebrity but in your own little way what are you doing to make the world much better than it is now?

It’s one of those times when you can make a difference. Do something now.

You might not be able to write prolific songs that are changing people’s lives all over the world but you can start in your corner.

Make a difference!!!


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