Author: Jemimah Abimbola

I am passionate about writing. If I am not writing I am either sleeping, looking for a good book or watching tennis.

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On August 8, 2017
What is the difference between an Orange and a Tangerine? A few years ago I didn’t know and just didn’t care. If I see orange in the market I buy and if it’s tangerine, same, they were both citrus fruits and that is all that mattered. But there is a difference between both citrus fruits, […]
As we get older, we begin to realise a few things about ourselves and life in general. I realised something major last week, I won’t say realise, I felt it deep in my bones. We’ve always heard the saying life is too short, some of us even say it every day, but never really understand […]
Sophie has been in a relationship with Henry for 10 months. Everything is going well and they are both serious about themselves. They’ve met their friends and are on the verge of meeting their families. Sophie and I were hanging out recently and I heard her talk on the phone with someone who I thought was Henry. I […]
I am sure you’ve heard things like: “Men with no money should not be in relationships.” “Men literally have one job. Don’t be broke. They don’t get pregnant. They don’t have kids. They’re bigger and stronger on average.” “If you are broke and don’t have a job, what are you doing sweating on top of someone’s […]
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