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All You Need to know About Tarkwa Bay Lagos Beach


This post contains all you need to know about Tarkwa Bay Lagos Beach and also Tarkwa Bay Entrance Fee, Boat Ride to Tarkwa Bay, Tarkwa Bay Hotels, History of Tarkwa Bay, Pictures of Tarkwa Bay, Tarkwa Bay Beach Gate Fee, Takwa Bay Gate Fee, Tarkwa Bay Events.

The blissful Tarkwa bay beach is located some kilometres offshore away from the ever busy Lagos Island. While cruising to the island on a boat, you will be treated to amazing views of popular spots in Lagos such as  the Radisson Blu hotel, the Lagos Yacht Club, the Lagos harbour and straight head-on into the open ocean.

How to get to Tarkwa Bay:

Tarkwa bay Lagos is only accessible by boat and the ride will take about fifteen minutes.

Tarkwa bay has been existing since around the 1960s.


Board a Bus going to CMS (Lagos Island)

From CMS enter any bus (N50 Only) going to Victoria Island or Lekki and Stop at Police Check Point and crossover (You can ask them to stop you where you can board ferry to Tarkwa Bay, It’s easy to locate)

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If you are Driving From CMS, head down to Ahmadu Bello Road and Turn under the bridge that is located in front of Bonny Camp, head back towards the arrow direction and drive into the parking lot after Police Checkpoint.

If you are coming from Ajah, Lekki or Victoria Island, Enter a Bus going to CMS and stop at Police Checkpoint at Ahmadu Bello Way. Then enter the red gate and board the ferry to Tarkwa Bay



Takwa Bay Parking Lot: N500

Tarkwa Bay Boat Ride: 1,500 (To & Fro) 

Tarkwa Bay Gate Fee: 200 
One chair: 500
Tent: 1,500 

Things to do at Tarkwa Bay

With a splendid beach to boast of, Tarkwa bay resort is a perfect place to relax and have fun. Treat yourself and entourage to a fresh fish barbeque, all you have to do is to spot a fisherman returning from the Ocean, buy as many as you want, which will immediately be processed into a barbeque.

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If you are fascinated by ships, a fun thing to do is to take a walk along the beach coast to view massive cargo ships and several other smaller ones passing by. Also there are some rusty wrecked ships which are very good for photography. About 30 minutes walk from the beach is the 110-year old Lagos harbour lighthouse located at a nearby beach called Lighthouse beach.

Round up your visit to Tarka bay with another boat trip back to Lagos Island and relish the view of Lagos and expansive ocean.


* Go with a waterproof beach bag.

* Go prepared with your swimming suit on because the beach lacks a changing room facility or toilet.

* You are better off going with your drinks even though these are sold on the beach.

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* Make sure you establish the price of anything and everything beforehand. It’s custom to haggle, so know that they may try to overcharge you.

* Be prepared to rent beach chairs and covers, just try not to overpay.

* Don’t forget other items such as towels, balls, floating pads etc.

* Avoid sunburns and remember to go with a sunscreen.

* Pack light as you will need to keep your personal items close to avoid theft.

Tarkwa Bay Entrance Fee

Tarkwa Bay Entrance Fee is N200

Boat Ride to Tarkwa Bay

Boat Ride to Tarkwa Bay is N1,500 (To & Fro)

Tarkwa Bay Hotels

Tarkwa Bay Hotels are quite affordable. Prices differ depending on the quality of the hotel

History of Tarkwa Bay

Pictures of Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay Beach Gate Fee

Tarkwa Bay Beach Gate Fee is N200

Takwa Bay Gate Fee

Takwa Bay gate Fee is N200

Tarkwa Bay Events

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