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9 Ways to Become Successful on Instagram


You can become successful on any social media platform, but it still boils down to how well you are able to fully utilise these platforms.  Being a success on Instagram comes with different strategies and commitment. Join us as we share 9 ways to become successful on Instagram.

1. Be yourself – everyone else is taken

Be personal and original; it’s the only way to connect and relate to others.

2. Pick a concept or style, and stick with it

Pick a style that is unique to your personality or brand. Such as photography, fashion, style, design, interior designs, etc.

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3. Description and profile

What do you want your potential users to know about you?

Some people include information in their bios such as “Follow me and I will follow you!” or “I Follow Back”. Probably not a good idea. Remember, what image do you want your users to get from you? Professional? Active? Sharing? Adventurous?

4. Post when the time is right: Analyze your audience

Find the right number of posts for your style. Different people suggest a variation of the correct number of posts. Some people post once a day. Others, several times a day. In my opinion, the latter may be too much. But above all, make each post special and meaningful.

Your users have to be happy when they see your visuals appear on their devices. Wednesday between 5 and 6 pm seems to be the most active time on the platform.

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However, Theiss says that his favorite time to post is between 10-11am.

5. Cross market using your other platforms

By using other platforms you can drive traffic to your Instagram account.

It is important to remember too, that you can set your account so you will be able to save time and automatically share your content on Facebook, Twitter or any another social media outlets you may use.

6. Understand hashtags:

Explore the hashtags related to your type of account, interests or industry.

Websta, a site that allows you to see statistics for your instagram account, provides a list of the top hashtags:

#love (894,241,625 posts)
#instagood (407,569,165 posts)
#me (366,957,537 posts)
#tbt (343,476,966 posts)
#cute (329,285,399 posts)
#follow (327,830,890 posts)
#followme (316,202,640 posts)
#photooftheday (309,918,269 posts

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7. Interact with other users:

Like on most social media, the more you engage, the more activity you receive on your account.

This is based on the premise that you are engaging the right way and following the rules of the platform in question. Be kind to other people, and leave appreciative comments under their images, if you truly like them.

8. Engage your followers.

Ask questions as part of your captions. Speak loudly about things you care about. Interact with your users. Make them feel like part of a community. Engagement is the secret to success in most social media platforms.

9. Building Relationship

We live in a visual world. Instagram lets you be part of it. Instagram also helps you strengthen your relationships in a fun way.


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