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7 Types of Prayer You Should Know


1. The prayer of faith otherwise known as the prayer of petition. This prayer is made to change things. It’s always based on Gods revealed words. Never contains an if.

2. The prayer of Consecration. A prayer of dedication and concentration to Gods use. This kind of prayer you pray it when u choose to be that vessel of is a kind of prayer that should be made daily.2Timothy2:20.

3. The prayer of commitment: this kind of prayer is the heartfelt prayer. According to Philippians 4:6, you do this to cast all your cares on the lord.1Peter 5:7

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4. The prayer of worship. You are not really asking for anything, you just want to worship him and just stay in his presence. Most times after such bouts of worship all problem disappear because you worship God, magnify him and reduce your problems. Luke 24:52-53, Acts13:1-4

5. The prayer of agreement. This is when two or more people agree together in the place of prayer for a certain thing in faith. Matthew 18:18-20

6. The prayer of the Spirit: praying in other tongues.1Corinthian 14:14-15, when you pray in the spirit you build up your faith. You give the Holy Spirit the place to pray for you Romans 8:26. You increase your spiritual force field.

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7. The Prayer of intercession and supplication.1Timothy2:1-2.this kind of prayer is made for other people. People who need help around you or even people you don’t know as the spirit leads. Mathew 9:37-38.

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