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6 Easy Steps to Identify Your Uber Ride


Guess we all pass through the same issue trying to recognise our Uber 🚘. This post contains 3 easy steps on how to identify your Uber.

Safety first

Did you know your Uber app has built-in features for an even safer ride?

6 Easy Steps to Identify Your Uber Ride

1. Enter Your Destination.

Enter your destination on the “Where To” on your Uber application

2. Tap to request

Tap on “UBER X’ to request for a ride closer to you

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3. Double check your pick up location for your trip

Double your location to confirm you’re the right pick up zone.

4. Wait for we’re connecting you to your driver-partner prompt.

Wait patiently for some few persons for the nearest driver-partner.

5. On arrival: check if the registration number matches.

Crosscheck the driver’s plate number to that on the Uber application.

6. And when you’re in: Check the name of your drive partner

Always remember to tick off the vehicle recognition checklist before you hop into your Uber:

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βœ“ Check that the car colour matches
βœ“ Identify the registration plate
βœ“ Confirm your driver’s name

All good? Now off you go.

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