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5 Stylish Ways To Travel Cheap


This article contains 5 stylish ways to travel cheap: Have you wanted to travel so bad that’s it is all you think about? I did, while I was on campus. If you have then you know how bad it feels to look at social media while you’re feeling that way. If there is one thing I learned, is that social media does not care about you.

People will still post semi-nudies from the Bahamas, Maldives or Livingstone falls while you wallow in your pain. Meanwhile, the only travelling you’ve done recently is to the village, or to work.

But if only you thought carefully and cleverly you could stop the pity party and be on your way to an adventure.

Below are 5 Stylish Ways To Travel Cheap

1. Plan in advance and save

Remember a little goes a long way? Whether you are living on minimum wage or not you can still plan a holiday by saving little by little for your small getaway. Whatever the average cost of the trip is, add 20% to it to cover hidden costs.

2. Spend less on accommodation and food

I am not saying sleep under a tree and eat bread and water only, but while you are spending your money in 3 or 4-star hotels you could be denying yourself the chance to see more. Now there is, tented camps, backpacker hotels e.t.c

3. More is less

While travelling in a group can be hectic and time-consuming, with all the planning and satisfying everyone’s needs, it could save you a lot of cash. Everything is almost one-third cheaper with cost sharing.

4. Start small

Travelling doesn’t have to mean going to Paris or Milan or Rio, not now at least. You could always organise a fun trip to a country nearby. Pack a bag, explore Uganda, Zimbabwe, Rwanda or Namibia. It could be more fun than you expect.

5. Maximise on cheap modes of travel

I always travel with buses or trains when I can, they are cheap, and you get to enjoy the landscape as you go by. Travel time is much longer, but hey it’s all about the journey right? But the portholes, those are not on me.


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