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5 Popular Churches You Should Visit in Lagos


Lagos state is undisputedly the ideal visiting destination for all in Nigeria. Lagos boasts of different people from all kinds of culture and religion in Nigeria which gives it the popular tag name the Centre of Excellence.

There are so many popular churches in Lagos which fits the multireligious nature of the state. Most of this religious centres are peculiar for their unique approach both to their style of worship, their style of preaching and the kind of people who attend the church. These churches also boast of a large congregation of people, top influencers in the state, state of the art worship centres with great Christian music artists performing on the stand all to make you have an unforgettable experience. These are the 5 Popular Churches You Should Visit in Lagos.

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1.  Harvesters International Christian Centre (HICC)

Harvesters International Christian Centre, HICC, with its headquarters located in the heart of Lagos, Gbagada, and island and mainland branch both located in Lekki and Ikeja respectively is one of the most popular and fastest growing churches in Lagos. Harvesters International Christian Centre’s headquarters boasts of 4 services every Sunday and has graced some of the world’s most remarkable preachers like Rev Sam Chand, Late Dr Myles Munroe to name a few. The intriguing worship at HICC will definitely make you come back. HICC is indeed one of the best places to worship in Lagos on a Sunday.


2. Daystar Christian Centre

Daystar Christian Centre located in the industrial area of Oregun Ikeja is home to popular pastor Sam Adeyemi the renowned entrepreneurship speaker. As a result of DayStar’s theme on entrepreneurship success, the church is made up of a huge amount young working class. The modern environment the church is located in will surely thrill you, and the excellence in which all activities in the church is conducted will surely make you come back.

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daystar christian centre

3. House On The Rock Church

House on The Rock church is a very popular church in Lagos, home to the renowned gospel preacher, Pastor Paul Adefarasi located on the Island, precisely Lekki. House on the Rock church in Lagos conducts the annual musical concert the eXperience which is arguably the largest and most attended musical concert in the world. A Sunday visit to House on the Rock church will surely fascinate you and keep you coming back.

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house on the rock

4. Covenant Christian Centre

Home to popular pastor Poju Oyemade, Covenant Christian Centre located in Iganmu Surulere is the proud organisers of annual popular event West Africa Faith Believers  Convention (WAFBEC) which has hosted popular speakers like Mike Murdock. Covenant Christian centre is mainly comprises of young and active working class with a visit to the church surely not to be your last.

covenant christian centre Lagos


5. Global Impact Impact

Global Impact Impact Church located at Ekogbemi bus stop Lagos and pastored by Yemi and Bimbo Davids is one of the popular fast growing churches in Lagos. Like other churches listed, it is mainly comprised of young working class. The will surely be refreshed and impacted attending a service in the church.

global impact church lagos

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