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5 Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria 2017


Job search in Nigeria can be a belittling task when the job applicant does not possess the right skills needed in the Nigerian job market. The advent increase in the adoption rate of technology and internet services in Nigeria has led to some new highly demanded jobs, changed the way most well-renowned companies carry out their daily jobs and also led to an increase in the spring of Start-ups internet businesses in Nigeria.

Job roles or positions in Nigeria have also changed in recent years. We have seen both rises and falls of several job sectors in Nigeria. We have seen drops in previously lucrative and high paying job sectors like engineering and surges in new job sectors like Information Technology in Nigeria.

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Although this is good news to some job applicants who already possess the right skills needed to thrive in today’s Nigerian job market, but for a wide majority of job applicants in Nigeria, unemployment still lingers as they do not possess these skills.

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As we continue to see more changes in this year 2017 and years beyond, the question which goes through the most job seekers mind is what jobs are highly demanded in Nigeria in 2017 and the years beyond? How do I stay relevant in my place of work in 2017 and the years beyond?

These are 5 Highly Demanded Jobs in Nigeria 2017.

  1. Web Developer/ Database Administrator
  2. Digital Marketer
  3. Web Analyst/ SEO Executive
  4. Network Administrator
  5. Media Sales Representative

Web Developer/ Database Administrator (DBA)

With the advent increase in the number of internet businesses in Nigeria and the increase in the adoption rate of online systems by traditional companies in Nigeria as seen a surge in the demand for web developers and database administrators in Nigeria.

Web developers and Database administrators have become the bloodline of most businesses in Nigeria as traditional businesses in Nigeria continue to switch to an online approach to their business. This has led to being geeked the new cool in Nigeria with a corresponding increase in the demand for job seekers with a good understanding of web technology and programming languages in Nigeria.

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Digital Marketer

With more Nigerians becoming more technology savvy and the increase in Internet penetration in the Nigeria has led to a recent switch to digital marketing techniques from traditional marketing techniques.

Social media has changed the way information is passed in Nigeria. More Nigerians are actively engaging in conversations on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat to name a few. Businesses can now reach more people at a lesser cost using social media channels and also track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns.

This recent trend in Nigeria has lead to companies employing or consulting digital marketers to help increase their brand awareness.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Analyst

The availability of internet connectivity in most part of the country has changed the way Nigerians search for information. Search engines such as google are at the forefront of most Nigerians mind when it comes to searching for information.

Ranking organically in top positions on search engines comes at no induced cost. As more Nigerian brands and businesses begin to dive into the world of search engines,  the demand of job applicants who possess search engine optimisation skills has vastly increased and does not look like slowing down in the near future.

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Network Administrator

With more businesses in Nigeria adopting an online approach to their business as raised the demand for job applicants who possess network administration skills. Good Internet connectivity is the heart of an online business. Having network administrators who can ensure network downtime is at its minimal ensures an online business stays relevant and in business.

Media Sales Representative

Sales through word of mouth will always be a fundamental way business is done in Nigeria. Every business, be it in Nigeria or anywhere in the world, need to make sales to remain in business and fundamental to achieving sales is having skilful media sales representatives who can close an organisation business deals.

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