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5 Fun Things to Do at the Lekki Conservation Centre


Located in Lekki, immediately after Chevron, before the 2nd Lekki Toll Gate; this nature hub covers a land area of 78 hectares. The 21-year-old conservation centre is run and managed by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF). The reason for this foundation is to set aside a natural habitat for plants, and animals as urbanization have to lead to the encroachment of areas meant for these animals and plants.

If you appreciate nature and are in a limbo as for where to take your partner or lover to,, Africa’s No.1 Hotel Booking Portal recommends the LCC. Here are the reasons why you should visit this nature park.


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For the fearless climb the longest canopy walkway in Africa

Constructed by 13 Nigerians and supervised by two Canadians, the 401m Canopy walkway launched in 2015 is not a climb for the timid. The climb of the bridge is sure to bring out the other side of you especially for ladies. Hence, you have to stay close to her and as a precaution don’t look down. To climb the bridge you have to pay an extra thousand Naira in addition to the thousand naira entry fee. It is an enthralling climb and it is 100% safe. The only time you are not allowed access to the bridge is when it is raining.

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Want to see a 95-year-old tortoise? The LCC is the place to be. The turtle roams freely as it a very slow pace. This makes it possible for tourists and visitors to take selfies. You will feel the strong and powerful shell of the turtle that is if you are lucky that it comes out during the period your visit. It is a sight to behold!

Play the game of chess 

After an enthralling climb of the Canopy walkway, you can also play Chess and other games. The chessboard is designed on a floor with 16 big pieces.  It doesn’t really matter if you can play chess, it for the fun of it. That is the excitement. But whoever checkmate is the winner! But be a gentleman, allow your lady to win!

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Simply explore and wander around the nature pack

From Monkeys to the beautiful Peacock, crocodiles, snakes and other wild animals, you will see all these at this reserved animal. At the same time, you will find different species of plants. Will N1,000 you can wander and explore the Lekki Conservation Centre while holding hands with your lover.

Picnic or have an alone time at the various sheds

The shed made of raffia is a cool place to relax, rejuvenate, and recover your strength. At these sheds which number over eight, you can have a picnic or an alone time with your partner. Under these sheds, you will not miss the warmth of the breeze.

Lekki Conservation Centre Fee

Entrance Fee: #1000

Canopy Walk Fee: #1000

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