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5 Exciting Travel Destination for Easter


Easter is a magical period of the year – everyone celebrates. So many people want to unwind because of the season’s unique ambience. Easter in Nigeria is a time to travel and reunite with families and friends, to have grand adventures and explore exotic fun spots.

If you are longing to spend your Easter in an exciting destination around the globe, here are the 5 exciting travel destinations for Easter.


Calabar for Easter

Calabar is one of the best destinations for Easter within Nigeria. The city is also known as Canaan city. Calabar’s tourism brand is a function of the state’s peaceful ambience, Calabar literarily means “Come And Live And Be At Rest”. Calabar people are hospitable and loving. The city is a good resting place for peace loving beings,”

Tourist attractions in Calabar include; the Obudu Mountain Resort and the Marina Resort. Other natural sites such as; the Kwa Falls and Agbokim Waterfall, are some of the best fun places to be in the nation. Calabar is very clever in the sense that it has positioned itself as one of the nation’s best tourism hub. You will also love the Waterslides at the Tinapa Water Parks.

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Ikogosi Ekiti

Ikogosi Ekiti

Ikogosi is a small, quiet town in the Western part of Ekiti State (Ekiti Tourism Corridor). Here lies a warm spring which has brought Ikogosi-Ekiti to the national and international limelight.

Warm water spring flows side by side with a cold spring making it a natural wonder. The major point of attraction is the spot where the two springs merge. A resort situated around the warm spring has various accommodation and recreational facilities that will fulfil your fantasy of a unique easter experience.

Idanre Hills Ondo

Idanre Hills

The historic Idanre Hills have brought Idanre town in Ondo State to the limelight. Located in Ondo State of southwestern Nigeria. The beauty and the precise architectural design employed by nature in arranging of the hills are amazing. A total of 640 steps is required to reach the top with 5 resting spot on the way. The scenery of the green vegetation surrounding the hills and the crystal clear Arun River on the hill top visiting the hills a communion with nature as well.

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The Idanre hills are smooth and dome-shaped in nature. Named after some historical figures in the socio-cultural evolution of Idanre land, the hills form an inspiring sight. Some examples are the Olofin, the Orosun hills, the Carter Hill, The Ajimoba Hill, The Ilesun Hill, and the Arun River. The hills is another reason to visit Ondo this easter.

Oguta fresh water Lake Imo State

oguta Lake

Oguta fresh water Lake is located in Oguta. The lake is a clean ‘finger lake’ formed by the damming of the lower Njaba River with alluvium. Oguta Lake’s Holiday Resort has a lot of facilities and services to make you and your family enjoy their vacation. Some of these facilities include; a golf course of international standard, a mini children recreational park, cruise boat services much more. Swimming is one of the fun activities here. The lake is also good for sightseeing.

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Jos wildlife Park

jos wildlife

A trip to Jos this easter will thrill you. The city is one of the best places to unwind. The Jos wildlife park is one of the largest man-made zoological gardens in the Nigeria. It is home to a variety of animals ranging from monkeys, elephants, lions. The variety of wildlife and closeness to nature beacons on everyone to visit the park. The wildlife park was established in 1972 and extends into the pine forest and the Vongnifwel Hill. Embedded with a number of picnic centres, the park is a place to be.

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