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5 Entrepreneurial Lessons to Learn From Crazeclown


Nairabet ambassador Emmanuel Ogonna Iwueke Godwin popularly known as “Crazeclown” on both Instagram and Snapchat. Crazeclown came into the spotlight in 2013 through short comedy skit videos(Papa Ade) on Instagram that made him famous with the majority of his content focused on the African parent and home. Crazeclown’s comedy skits did not only make him a star to be reckoned with, but also made him the talented limited edition of our time.

Crazeclown has grown to become a successful entrepreneur and ability to turn his creativity into money. Not to also forget that Crazeclown has also featured in various musical videos and currently have a fanbase of over 1 million followers.

However, Crazeclown has made some mistakes that other brands or entrepreneurs need to learn from.

Below are our 5 entrepreneurial lessons to learn from crazeclown.

1. Content Creation 

Crazeclown made the mistake of releasing all his content at once without spreading it across various time frame. That is, as a brand or an entrepreneur in the same line as Crazeclown, you should be able to spread out your content over a specific period of time.

A good example is @twyse_116 who has been able to ultimately utilise his videos making his followers come back for more and thus improving on his creativity.

2. Breakthrough

Crazeclown was at his peak in 2016 when he bagged the ‘Nairabet’ deal which came with a whopping sum of (an undisclosed fee). The deal according to many fans took him off the path of what made him successful in the first place. Crazeclown also signed another deal with a “Kilishi” brand.

As an entrepreneur, the focus should be more on the product rather than on the accomplishment the product brought in.

3. One step at a time 

Crazeclown wrecked his own ship, he moved with the exponential publication of all his contents. He went a step further to create a website (House of Craze) whose goal we are still yet to ascertain.

4. Little or No Engagement

Engagement moves and thrives a brand. Crazeclown was not able to communicate effectively with his audience. You might be thinking – In what way?

Questions like this should be able to give a glimpse of what his audience are interested in:

  • What do you think of my recent videos?
  • What kind of video do you want me to shoot?
  • Who do you look forward to seeing in my next video?

Engagement(s) like this will improve your brand and make you stay relevant in the industry.

5. Newbies – Blue Ocean Strategy

There are so many newbies in the same industry with Crazeclown putting more effort on getting the job done rather than been washed away by endorsement deals.

These newbies have tapped into what we call the “Blue Ocean” – which includes act like @iamkanmi, @josh2funny, @demo_popping amongst others.

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