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5 Daily Disciplines to Make Your Day Productive


Our daily routines can and will determine how productive our day will be. Your day will not get organised; connections will not be made, if you don’t take conscious action steps, big and small, with consistency. But to do this you need discipline, most importantly self-discipline. I’ve come to realise that those who lack self-discipline will be bombarded by the deluge of distraction that grows each passing day. This is why self- discipline is vital, every day; we need to establish our own boundaries in order to continually take action without slacking.

Anybody can develop discipline, it’s a skill, not rocket science, you just have to train yourself and be consistent. Here are 5 daily disciplines to make your day productive:

1. Wake Up Early

I know that not everyone is a morning person; I am definitely part of those people. But you need to wake up early preferably 2 hours before you need to go out. This keeps you from rushing things and becoming anxious. You need to be relaxed in the mornings as this will help you focus and plan your day effectively. I advise that you have a daily to do list and put in writing everything you have to do that day. Because it is in the morning, your mind is very alert, you are able to seem through the information going through your head and write down everything you think you have to do that day without forgetting any. You can also chip in a little breakfast to help you stay alert and have the energy you need to go through the day. When you have your day planned out, you are able to reduce the distractions that come through, hence, increasing your productivity. .

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2. Develop a Morning Ritual

Developing a morning ritual helps you get ready to start your day. For me, my morning ritual includes having quiet time, listening to motivational speeches, and writing. And what this does is to give me clarity and open the doors of possibilities. Having this routine has changed everything about my day; how I think, act, what I believe and how I feel about myself. I encourage you to choose a routine that works for you, feel free to experiment while trying to find the best routine.

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3. Make a To-Do-List

A to-do list is the best thing that can happen to your day especially when you have a lot of tasks to complete. Some tasks might take minutes to complete while some might take hours. So it is best when you chunk it down to little pieces and do them accordingly in order of priority. This is where a to-do-list comes in, it helps you plan your day effectively plus there is nothing more satisfying like checking things off your list. I believe that having a solid to-do-list is like starting each day with an extra sense of purpose.

4. Learn To Say No When Needed

A lot of people think if a person isn’t busy then they are not being productive. I believe being too busy can slow your productivity not to mention the amount of stress you’d be putting yourself through. You don’t have to do everything, say no when you need to especially if the work to be one is not yours. Acknowledge to yourself that not everything is beneficial for you. If you really want to achieve your main tasks and come to the end of your day feeling productive, then don’t let unplanned and unimportant things ruin it.

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5. Evaluate Each Day before Going to Bed at Night

When you evaluate your day, you get to see what worked and what didn’t work what you could have done better and what you shouldn’t have done at all. The whole point of evaluating your day, is not to beat yourself up about what didn’t work, but to see your weaknesses and work on them to make tomorrow productive. While evaluating your day, you should also take out time to plan what you would do the next day (your to-do-list).

When it comes to taking action over a certain period, we simply will not feel motivated to do what we need to do in the moment, all the time.  This is why self-discipline is vital, each and every day, and why we need to establish our own boundaries in order continually take action, without slacking, Rome wasn’t built in a day so even though you practice all of the disciplines at once, you can always start with one, the most important thing is doing something. Nothing can be achieved without a certain level of discipline.

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