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5 Best Romantic Spots to Propose in Lagos


It’s the season of love! This is one of our favorite month of the year. We are excited to have this week of the red start today. What are your plans? How do you hope to make this Valentine the best and romantic ever? Wait, before you think too hard, we have something for you. This is especially for you if you are planning to wow the love of your life. We got you!

So, we were wondering, this could be a good time to ask the big question. We have made a compilation of romantic spots to get a YES in Lagos. Find our careful selection below:

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1. Tarkwa Bay



Tarkwa Bay is one of the best places to celebrate your valentine and ask bae to be with you forever. The cool, blue scenery of Tarkwa Bay is a romantic trigger. Fall on your knees and melt her heart.

2. Maryland Mall


If you are planning to shop with your lover on Valentine’s Day, Maryland Mall is a good option to do that and propose at the same time. In Maryland Mall is where you find Genesis Cinemas. You can also decide to take her out on a movie date. A romantic movie is your best bet.


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3. La Manga Beach Resort

La Manga Beach Resort

You can never go wrong on the beach. It’s nature aligning with your goals and that’s blatantly irresistible. What do you think? No jokes, man. Get romantic on La Manga Beach resort and have the YES reverberating!

4. Xovar Lounge

Xovar Lounge

This exquisite indoor proposal is romantic goals. Xovar Lounge is located at Ikate-Elegushi Estate, 19B Sabitex Hotel Road, Lekki Penninsula II, Lekki. Treat your partner to an exotic private proposal. Not everyone wants the whole world to know anyway.

5. Coconut Beach


Bask in the euphoria of the beauty of coconuts. Photography here is going to be classy and classic. Coconut beach is goals for a beautiful proposal.All you have to do is from Badagry hire a cab to the Coconut Beach, off the Lagos-Badagry Expressway, towards the Republic of Benin and you will be one step closer to getting a yes from your loved one.

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