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4 Ways to Wear Jeans to Work


I believe there is a line between casual and professional when it comes to dressing to work, I’m not one who is much into the corporate wear, so I like to tweak it a little bit, having fun, dressing corporate and still looking hot. And what better way to do that than to add jeans to the mix. The good thing is that most companies now allow casual-professional vibe when it comes to work wear; so it’s increasingly common to be able to wear jeans to work.

But you’ve got to be careful, this wardrobe flexibility comes with one big caution, you shouldn’t just go into the office wearing your favorite pair of jeans; there’s a fine line between being chic and being plain lazy when dressing. Here are 4 ways to wear jean to work and get away with it:

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1. The Darker the Jean, the Better

A darker jean is always better for the office when it comes to the jeans themselves, lighter washes tend to appear more casual and give off a carefree vibe but a dark jean says you mean business. So whether you decide to go for a deep blue or a black wash, be sure to go with a super-skinny jean for maximum smartness.

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2. Go Monochromatic

go-monochromaticDon’t be scared to try monochromatic. An all-black look (my favorite) is very easy to pull off, while an all-white will convey a certain vibe of calmness. Also for an extra OMG appearance in either option, feel free to play with mixed textures and materials.

3. Wear Heels

What is the easiest way to instantly transform a pair of casual jeans into office wear? Viola; throw on a pair of heels. Though it can be a bit tricky choosing the right type of heels and the colors you can opt for a classic pump in nude or black. Feel free to play with different styles and colors. But most importantly go with what works best for you.

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4. Wear With a Blazer

denim-with-blazersBefore you put on a pair of jeans, consider where you work and what is appropriate. Blazers make you look professional. For a classic look, you can pair a navy blue jacket with dark denim. Also when you think of a think suit you can match light colors with light or dark with dark. Blazers also a great way to add color, while a blazer in black or navy blue seems to be standard, you may try one in cream or even a more daring red that will jazz up your work look without making it too flashy.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

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